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Too funny.... he was probably just wanting to jump into the hot tub with you guys! He figured.... oh, this is where the party is!!! LoL... at least you saw him! Hopefully your swim suit didn't have fish on it!
Sounds like you had a nice relaxing time.
I'm with you... I would rather at the most have 80 degree temps... we are having in the 100's at the moment! Urgh!!! Keep cool!


I wish I could be there too. :) It has been mid 70's for last couple of days here. The boats are looking great! You must have had great time.


You must have had a graet time, it sure sounds like fun! and yes it's always great to be home.


It sounds heavenly!!!


I'm so glad that you have had the time with your family for your reunion of sorts. It is always great to get away, and great to come home again.

I'll bet the racoon won't come back to that area for a while! It's probably in another state by now. So glad neither one of you got hurt from the fright! :-)

D Spack

I love it! Where is it?

D Spack

Oops I can see that I commented about the pink house in the previous post! oh well you get the idea, right?

vicki haninger

There's a link in the post that will pull up a map.

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