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Thanks for the wild turkey hen and her brood shot, love that ! Glad you are getting a break from the heat ! What a crazy summer for everyone this year !


thanks for sharing this pretty pics! hope the weather will be better!


The picture of the wild turkey with her chicks is awsome. How lucky you were to see them. I understand about getting shade for the garden. I'm glad your heat wave is over & good luck with your air-conditioner. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Glad to hear that it got a bit cooler for you now. Wow, 108, that's really hot! (I had to use a conversion tool to know how hot and was in shock when I saw it was more than 40 degrees celcius).

That turkey looks very cute with her chicks. Nice photo!

Lavender Dreams

The turkeys are amazing! What a great photo! I would want to enlarge it and frame it!


I am so thankful that relief is in store for you! I like the look in your garden, like a trip to the beach , shielding from the sun. Very good idea! Blessings from Kansas! Gail


My gosh, your photos have been so lovely lately! Love the shot of the turkey family!

I'm glad your heat wave has broken--we're in the middle of a bad one, too, but not THAT bad!


Turkey Crossing... wouldn't that make a fun *good fortune* story, sweetly illustrated. I hope it brings reasonable summer weather your way.


Oh aren't they cute!
We have been having cool weather this summer. But, I can't imagine it will last much longer. I keep thinking the hot weather is bound to come. I'm glad the heat wave broke.
Clever idea with the linens.


Thanks God you have better weather now. I can't stand the hit and every summer I complain the most then I can about it. Luckely, this summer has been softer.
That picture of the turkey and children is amazing!


What a cute little turkey family! Love the laundry blowing through the garden photo. You have a lovely blog... I'll be back to read more!


The mother turkey and her flock put a smile on my face! How adorable! They don't seem to be bothered by the heat! Glad to hear it's cooling down a bit! I get very cranky in HOT weather! I'm a fall and winter and spring kind'a gal!


What can I say... we are usually the ones that get the "hot" weather... guess it was "just" your turn! Nothing like sharing the wealth!
I've noticed that the birds around here... anytime there is the smallest of water puddles... that's where the birds are!

Irma's Rose Cottage

What a cute pic of the turkey and chicks. Love how you shaded your garden. I should have done that to mine.

Hugs :)



Wouldn't you know our A/C broke right when it started to heat up also. $500 later it was fixed...ouch! It was still warm today here in Portland, Or...but not the 107 degrees that it was a couple of days ago...whew! What a lovely salad garden...Are you in the Northwest too?

Stay Cozy, Carrie


Your photos are beautiful...and what a good idea to use sheets to protect your garden from the sun.
I saw a lot of that in Italy...they would put black mesh over the beds to protect them from the sun.

Gumbo Lily

Smart idea to use the sheets for shading your salad garden. And that turnkey hen & chicks -- sweet.



love the impromptu canopies and good providence of the turkeys...how sweet! xoC

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