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Hi Vicki~ I LOVE this! I want to paint our house pink so this is very inspiring! Thanks for the tour! ~Mandy


That is such a lovely house. I would absolutely paint our house pink, but somehow I think my love wouldn't agree. :-)


Well Vicki, I checked it out... It will only take me 1 day and 20 hours to get there, but oh what fun it would be to eat at The Pink (Doll) House. Is it Tea time? ;-)


What a sweet little dollhouse cafe! The treats must be super yummy too! Oh there's a giveaway in my blog if you're interested.

vicki haninger

...Speaking of PINK houses, the house I live in was painted pink when we bought it. Unfortunately the siding had to be replaced and it was repainted a sunny yellow instead. We did choose pink for the little playhouse we built out back though, as a reminder. I love old houses, especially pink ones!

Quilted cupcake

Thanks so much for sharing. It was a lovely little escape - you even took a pic of the food. I love that! I do that, and people always look at me oddly. You captured everything perfectly!


Oh thank you for posting this, I am visting my in-laws next month and this is by them. Thank you xoxoxo Clarice

vicki haninger

Excellent! Check the hours though, they may be open weekends only.

Gumbo Lily

Every girly-girl's dream!



I'm thinking could you please go back (when you have some free time)and ask what is upstairs??? You've got me sooo curious now! I don't live anywhere near you!


So cute! It looks just like your doll bakery, come to life.


Vicki, what a pretty post to see first thing this morning. I would love to visit a happy little place like that for tea. Thanks for the sharing this delightful find of yours.

vicki haninger

I will do that and report back!


What a fun post...It does look like a doll house. My curiosity is peaked too about what's upstairs.


This little house is so darling. It does look like a little dollhouse. How perfectly cute!


What a nice house!!!

Chase  l  Oh the Cuteness!

Oh man that place looks so cute! I wish I was in the area, I would go there all the time!

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