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I am sorry for you loss. I have an oak tree that slams my front porch and a pine that punches my porch every time the wind blows. I cannot bring myself to have them removed. I know I would mourn their loss. Be comforted that you have more light and the mountain view. I would only gain a view of my neighbor's back yard. Best wishes always for you and yours.


Ugh. My DH mentioned the other day that he thought the cherry tree in our side yard might have to come down, and I wailed "Noooo!" like a three-year old. There is such a loss when a tree comes down, isn't there? Hope you enjoy the new light coming in through your windows, though!


So thoughtful and considerate. I share your grief, but I agree there is a bright side. Stay with the bright side!

 Jean C.

My feeling is when you have to sometimes remove a tree... the best thing ever is to replace with another one, think healthy, happy, shade... it will come. We planted 3 Maple tree's 2 at one time and then another 1 1/2 later. So nice to see all that beautiful foilage... plus I just noticed today, that we have a nest in one of them! Yeahhhhh, that's another good reason to replant! A bird's gotta have a home too!
Good for you and your industrious side! Looks great! If you'd like to just hand some of that yummy cake w/strawberries and a good healthy dollup of whipped cream... I would be very much beholden!


Sorry to hear about your tree. One of my all time favorite books is The Giving Tree. Rading your post reminded me of the book.
The strawberries look yummy! I bet the jam is going to be terrific.


I am so sorry to read about your tree! A truly terrible experience to have to go through.

That cake looks amazing!


Oh I am salivating...the strawberries and cake...delicious!
It is always sad to lose and "old friend" like that.


I am still mourning the death of my huge tree, which provided much loved shade in my back yard. It blew down after a bad storm. It's funny we can feel this way about a tree. I feel your pain. Mona


I feel for you. I planted almost every tree in our yard and I just die whenever we lose one.
You picked way more strawberries than we did. I plan to go again on Saturday. Hopefully more will be ripe.


Sad, it is always hard ot loose trees. One day, a few years ago, as I lay in bed and my partenr got up and went ot the kitchen, I suddently heard a cry: 'there is a tree in the garden'! I muttered, there are 5 and they are there every day... it turns out that oe had fallen in the night narrowly missing the house... we slept right through.

Love the view!

Cathy Santarsiero

Sorry about your tree :( Your dessert looks delicious! Have a happy weekend. -CS ^..^


I'm at that crossroad- the tree out front needs to come down, but I keep picturing my children playing in & under it for the past 15 years...I know what's best, but it is hard- & I'll take tons of photos, too :-S


I'm so sorry to hear about your tree. Isn't it amazing how attached we can become to such things. A special tree, a special view ...all changed in a matter of moments. Life is fragile ...it only takes moments to make everything all different!

Onto another topic ...I'm so hungry after viewing your delicious cake! Is there anymore left? Perhaps for tea time!
Have a wonderful weekend and look at the all the positive removing the tree will bring you.


We are having a similar thing happen at our school. WE have a 200 year old Tuart tree that was struck by lightening and then the termites and bees moved in. Not so safe around the kiddies! On top of that a number of the branches were weakened and with a playground underneath there was no option. Our boss ordered a report on it by a tree specialist to really check it out but alas...there really was no good outcome to be had. I suggested we get a wood turner or carpenter in to make some commemorative benches or plaque from the wood. It's so sad.

Zia Meadows

I like the idea above of keeping some memory of the tree, we often have no idea what our homes were like in the years before we move there.


I live in the woods and we had some trees taken down this year to help others grow to their potential...all the same I chose to be away when the cutting was being done.
I mentioned you as my inspiration one post back. I finally did some embroidery again :)


P.S. That cake looks delicious...In Iceland we like cream with all deserts...as a matter of fact it is not desert until the whipped cream comes to the table.


LOL P.P.S. that would be dessert


Oh, I am sorry about your tree. When I was a girl, we had to have a large elm taken down due to disease and I remember mourning for that tree with my mother. Your cake looks so good!!!


It sounds bizarre to say it but I am glad I am not the only one to have cried at the loss of a tree. I still mourn the laburnum tree that was left in my mother's old garden that we grew from seed gathered on a sunny day years before walking through a park. maybe you could plant a sapling (a little bit further out) to replace the old tree? x


Hi Vicki, Sorry about your tree. We had a couple trees went down last Wednesday morning via t-storm. One car's back got smashed badly.We have some really old trees in town and they are actually dangerous for the road and houses. :)

Your hot milk sponge cake looks really good!

Have a great day~



In looking at your picture of the tree being cut down, I was immediately drawn past it to the wonderful tree line and view beyond it. This could be an opportunity to choose a new tree that will preserve your view and still give you and the birds something to enjoy nearer the house.


I so want to have a bite, so.. tummy tempting

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