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Lovely! ~Mandy


Very sweet.
Wouldn't we love to follow that path...


How lovely. Your pictures of the playhouse with the daises does indeed look magical. The deer adds to the effect.
Thank you for the kittens. They will add whimsical touch to baby's quilt or dish towels.


Just beautiful! I love daisies and those make your play house picture-perfect!

Donna Mac

Many, many years ago, when I was a little girl, I would have traded my favorite Ginny Doll for a playhouse like yours. Just lovely. And thanks for the cute kittens! The sleeping kitty will make an adorable pillowcase!


I would live it that little house!! LOL Too cute!!


I saw the cheeky little guy...does the other fellow eat the daises, or do you ask him please not to?
I always wanted a play house...still do :)
I am doing a little embroidering project. I had forgotten how much fun it is...and it fills in the hours at the Dr's offices, when I go there with my parents.
I will be showing the project soon on my blog :)

judi parker

I love that awesome playhouse!! I really enjoy your blog


Awwwwwww! I'm a sucker for kitty embroidery!!! And I wish I was little enough to play in your lovely pink dollhouse...so wonderful with daisies!!!! Sigh, your blog makes me so happy...thank you so much for the mini vacation! mmmmmmmmmm.


A magical scene indeed! You have created a lovely place to be within your life Vicki. I admire you so much.

Thank you for the surprises, and for the smiles!


I want to play! So beautiful.


The garden is looking good and so is the playhouse! It's beautiful.


It looks so inviting! My little granddaughters would be enchanted!


Pretty pink playhouse :)
I need to put on a coat of paint to our play house...but for some reason the grand kids don't really play in it so we turned it into a garden shed.


That is so gorgeous, it just fires my imagination. How I would love to be a child again, and play there. The daisy's look magnificent!

Mrs. Sensibility

How precious! I love the playhouse. It makes me wish I was young again.

Sharon D.

What a great idea using the comfrey for fertilizer :)

I love the Pink Playhouse, so sweet! The daisies make it perfect!

Have a wonderful day Vickie :)



That is the sweetest thing! You are such a hard worker, I just can't believe all that you get done/made/cooked, etc. I'm hoping reading your blog will rub off on me!


I love the "real" picture of what is there (the flicker one). That is the sweetest little playhouse! Truely darling~


Your little house in the daisies is adorable! And thank you for the kittens...they're adorable too!


Your play house and daisies look enchanting!


this is perfect!!


What an adorable play house! I want to come play. :-)


I just noticed the play house has a mailbox!!!! How sweet is that!!!!


My little girl imagination runs wild looking at your little pink playhouse. Vicki, it's totally charming and reminds me of something I would read in a children's storybook, with all those sweet daisies growing around it.


I love this playhouse! adorable. We are building such a "studio" for my 12 year old this summer. Too old for a playhouse, needs to be called a "studio" :) Can't wait cuz I might spend a bit o time in there myself :) The daisys, oh my!


What a sweet little house Vicki! Hope you give us a wee house tour too! :)


Love, love the playhouse! wish my house looked like it!


It does look magical! Even more so with the "bonus material"! Thank you for the nice surprise! Love it!

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