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Hello from Missouri! Such a sweet post! ~Mandy


Some plants never know when to stop , do they . Mind you , I use a marvellous cuticle cream , made from comfrey by Simply Herbs , a small English company . The owner uses his Granny's recipes and they do seem to work . So maybe you should leave a little plant untouched ?


Gardening is hard work and does take a lot of time. I guess that's why mines not looking so hot right now. I do need to get out there.
After all this well worth labor your doing you might need a bit of that comfrey.


Lol...I love your take on the 2 comfrey plants plotting their next move...how delightful. Thanks for the chuckle!
-DianeM :)


It's like that with my wild rose bush...which I planted in a totally wrong spot. Cute post!

Sharon D.

I would love to try comfrey. So I take it that it is invasive :) You could alwyas have a comfrey giveaway ;) I think you and your daughter could have a fun time making salves,etc. together. I need to start thinning out my Columbines. TYhey have taken over my flower bed.

Have a great day Vickie!



Comfrey tea is supposed to be good for you... but the only way I can handle the taste is to mix it with mint or peppermint! Maybe try putting it in a pot to stunt the roots a bit! Just a thought!

Mom Wald's Place

Just keep picturing how lovely it will all be. You'll be able to sit back with some ice-tea and embroidery, and enjoy your garden.


My friend Barb (Green Wellies on Flickr) uses her comfrey to make a tea that she uses to fertilise her garden.With great results!


Gardens are a labor of love and never seem to be completely at rest & not needing something done. The Comfrey has done so well because of your love & care and it happens to like where it's being placed! While it can be a nuisance, take it as a compliment from Mother Nature! If it keeps getting out of control, you could try to plant it in a very LARGE container to help keep it from getting too overwhelming. (You'll need a container 2 1/2 times the size of it's root ball to ensure the roots have enough room to grow and take in water).


Comfrey is HORRIBLY invasive! If you plant it, expect it to be there FOREVER! If even the tiniest piece of root is left behind when you dig it out, it will come back. I'm talking small here...like the size of your little finger's nail! I have a patch that I have been trying to get rid of for years! I even poured a gallon of bleach on it and it wouldn't go away! Good luck!


I'm with Loralynn-I hate the stuff! I've been fighting it for several years now and no matter what I do, it not only comes back, but spreads. I grew it to feed to the sheep as treats and now I think if I stopped fighting it, it might just take over the whole farm!

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