Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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What are you going to make with that lovely spring like fabric?

I can so relate with gardening aches and pains...my back side is screaming each time I go to sit down!


Oh my! I'm in love with the fabric that you are showing off. Would you be willing to tell where you picked it up at?


Your yard looks amazing. It is evident that you have been doing some back-aching work! I hope the hobbling goes away soon.

As for the new material... WOW! I can't wait to see what you create next. A wardrobe of gardening smocks sound like heaven to me.


The gardens look beautiful! Can't wait to see how your sewing projects turn out!


I thought you'd like to know that Sweet Surprises is still the tea set.


The veggie dancers are the bomb. The one driving the cart looks a little scary though. Your fabric is so pretty.


You do have such a lovely garden!


Your garden is looking lovely...hard work pays off!

Stay Cozy * "Pain Free",


Love the fabric...I can't wait to see the one for big sister. Your garden looks lovely.


Your garden is lovely! What is that fabric on the top? It is so sweet!


I feel your pain!!! Your story sounds too much like mine! But I'd rather not be anywhere else, but in the garden.


Your garden is beautiful. And a lot of work.
I use pots for my gardening as I live in the thick...messy...woods.
I was potting the other day and just doing that my body ached.
The deer think I have created a buffet for them...although, over the years I have learned to use plants that is not on their candy list.


My goodness...I so love your blog!


Hi Vicki. Your garden is lovely. What a wonderful garden you gave us in the Sweet Surprise section. Thank you for a happy visit. Gardens, fabric, and embroidery are my favorite things. I should include quilting because I can use all three in quilts. But I will never live long enough to use even one quarter of my fabric, garden patterns, or embroidery transfers in quilts.
Again, thank you.

Sharon D.

Your garden looks beautiful! Great job :)

I love the fabric you chose too! I hope you will be feeling better soon :)


oooh, pretty fabric. i know that post-work hobble. i do it myself. at the time, i'm thinking, oh this is good, then i'm crippled for a few days. :o) my brain is still 21. your yard looks lovely.


Absolutely LOVE the veggie people. I will be making something for my son and dil, who are vegetarian. I love a free download! Thank you so much. Mona


Well your hard work paid off. Your yard it looking lovely indeed!!! I love the stone wall you have, beautiful.
It rains weeds here too. My son has been experimenting trying to find a natural weed killer..hee. We found out that pickle juice mixed with I think it was sugar??? Anyhow, it will make them wilt. :) That's a start.


I love your rock border! It's gorgeous. I'm lucky enough to have a nice bed out front under my aspens that's edged with local stone, thanks to the previous occupant of my house. And thanks for the deer repellent recipe. My lovely deer ate my bushes one winter a few years ago and they have still not completely recovered!

Claudia Rohling

It looks like you will be busy for a while! LOve your yard!


beautiful garden and those fabrics are just pretty!


I love the addition of river rocks to a garden, and I'm familiar with hauling them around, as I've put many around my pond. One very helpful tool in the garden is a ...oh gosh, senior moment....one of those thingie bobbers with wheels that they haul appliances around on. My dad gave me one, and now I use it to move heavy pots, big rocks and even my soil filled oak barrels. It's terrific, and may be something you can find at a second hand store sometime.

There is just something about pickets and old fruit trees in blossom that speaks to me of spring, and romance. Lovely photos Vicki.


Beautiful garden. Love the river rocks - just something so charming about them, isn't it? And, the weeds, - it seems if I'm not on them constantly, they take over in too short a time - infact, one of my patches looks like a jungle right now.

Great birdbath. I'm on a search now for a vintage one for my garden.

Beautiful fabric. I'd love to see photos of your garden smocks.

Hope your back feels better soon.

Sandy Shirley

Beautiful Irises (my favorite) and beautiful sky. Love your blog!

Mrs Bizzie

Beautiful garden, you have inspired me!

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