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Happy May Day! The purple-blue flowers in your photo are just lovely. I'm so glad it's finally spring. :)

Tina Kay

Congrats on your book! I cannot wait to get one. I thought your blanket crafts were great.
Happy Birthday Olivia. How exciting turning one can be. Have a great week.
Tina Kay

Bethany Johnson

Spring has sprung!! Beauty is in the air. Thanks for letting us peek into your world!


Happy May Day and congratulations on your book! I adore your blog for all of its beautiful craftiness. :)


Happy May Day to you and your family. Thank you for the beautiful picture of spring flowers.


Happy May Day! Thank you for sharing your world...you are an inspiration!


Thank you for another chance in one of your giveaways. I would love to win your book. You are generous to your readers. Hope you have a lovely spring.


What beautiful flowers and a beautiful giveaway - thanks!


I would love a chance to win a signed copy of your beautiful book. Happy May Day!


I would love a copy of your book!


Those flowers are beautiful! Happy May day! I can't wait to see your new book! I love your blog.


What beautiful hydrangeas. Happy May Day to you!


Beautiful flowers! I would love a chance to win your book, thank you!


Happy May Day! I'm having a giveaway too!

Sharon M.

Happy May Day to you, Vicki! BEAUTIFUL flowers! I can't wait for your next book. I clicked on your Blanket Statment link and I must comment about that adorable mouse who pops out from behind your book -- too. cute. for. words. I want one to pop out from behind my book! :)


I so want one. Looks like a lot of fun. Love May Day!


Happy May Day!
And thank you for sharing like you do... you bring a spring breeze in to my days.


Cool. Happy May Day!


Oh, wow, what gorgeous hydrangeas!!! And I love the vase they're in too. Please add my name to your drawing--I adore your blog.


Happy May Day to you! And a happy birthday to little Olivia. :)


I am someone who was pleased to check in and see a new post today. ;o) Happy May Day to you--thanks for all the inspiration!


With a birthday in May your lovely book would be such a sweet 'self-gift'.
Those 'self-gifts' were created shortly after we were married. He isn't much for gift giving and so suggested I buy something I really love and he'd wrap it.
It has worked out perfectly for 40 years!


Happy Bealtaine! I love the hydrangeas on your photo. Have a lovely day.



My birthday is next week. My baby lilacs are growing up. I wake up to singing birds every morning and stay up later with the sun. These are a few reasons why May is my favorite month.

Happy May Day.

Those hydrangeas are nothing short of beautiful. Oh my. I hope that you dry your hydrangeas and display them throughout your home all year long. If I had them, I know I would!

Sandy Barnes

I love your blog.It seems that Spring has sprung and I am ready for it.I know how wonderful grandbabies are so a very Happy Birthday to Olivia!


Happy May Day and Congratulations on the book. I would just love to have a signed copy. Thank you for the chance and your generosity.




Happy First of May! I would really like to win your book! Thanks for this drawing!


I love your ideas! And to have a copy of the book would be icing on the cake.


Happy May Day! I would love to win your book.


I'm with you on the whole "where did april go?!?!?!" thing. Somehow it just sort of slipped by, and now I'm faced with the realization that my birthday is in three weeks and I'm moving next week. Ew.


Oooh, I'd love a copy! Happy May Day.


Happy May Day, Vicki. :) I would love a copy of your book, especially a signed one. I keep putting it on the lists of My Family Has Asked Me What Things I Desire and no one will get it for me! >:(


Happy May Day! I do believe spring has sprug, at last! I hope I win!


What a delicious surprise to have a post today. No pressure but I adore your blog. It always inspires me to be a better mom, house keeper, and friend. Thanks!


Enjoy your quiet, productive time! Life is full of so many different kinds of "seasons." Thanks for the chance to win your book...I don't have one so it would be a present to me!


Your picture today, as always, is lovely! I would love to win this drawing but it doesn't matter, I just love coming to your blog to see what you've been up to and I'm so happy for your productivity!


Happy May Day! And thanks for the lovely giveaway!

Laura Bray

Despite the mess I made out of your lamb pattern, would you please consider letting me win the book? I would love it ever so much & we all know how much I could use the help! Have a great weekend!


Happy May Day! You are so very generous.


Of Course I want to enter for your wonderful book! Thanks for the chance to win it. I watch for your freebie embroideries every time. Love them...


Would love a copy of your book!


I've been refered to this giveaway by my mom. She told me that I would like your book, so I'm going to trust here and toss my name into this virtual hat. Thanks for the chance to win.


Perfect day for a giveaway!
Happy weekend, Vicki!


Are those hydrangeas real? They are perfect looking.

Another give-away! You are extremely generous.


Ooh, how generous! Thank you!

Gail Holland

I am a regular visitor to your blog and would love to recieve a signed copy of your book.


Beautiful hydrangeas! They were my Grandmother's favorite flowers! Awesome giveaway!


Love the flowers and the giveaway. Thanks!


Ahh who wouldn't want to win a pretty Blanket STatement book! And gaze upon your lovely blog. Always a lovely serene visit. xo


I already have your book, but it isn't signed, so I'd really like to win! Then I could give mine away. I love your blog and miss visiting with you when you don't post.

sherri s.

Ooh, how sweet! Count me in--hope May Day found you surrounded by love and light.


oh me...pick me...i love your blog...and wish you lived next door...we would be fine friends...

The Clever Mom

I've been meaning to make a few softies. This book would be just the motivation and guidance I need.


Your beautiful hydrangea photo made me think of my Grandmother and Great Aunt. They were twins and lived together in the same house all their lives. There was a blue hydrangea in the front yard that would grow to a tree over the sidewalk every summer. My Mom has a cutting from it growing in her front yard here in Florida. Thank you and Bless You. Happy May Day!

Sharon D.

Happy May Day Vickie!

Thank you for the opportunity to win your wonderful book. The creations on the cover are just adorable! Those Hydrangeas are beautiful too!


Happy May Day! Thanks for such a great giveaway, I'd love to win a copy of your book :)


Happy May Day, I'd love a copy of your book. It's on my Amazon Wishlist... and one day maybe I'll find a nice woolen blanket just like yours!


Fun giveaway!
Happy Mayday!


Happy Spring!


Happy May Day to you as well! :)
And what a super gift to giveaway. I would LOVE to win. :)
Have a beautiful weekend!


Happy May Day! Please add my name to the drawing. Beautiful flowers.

Barbara H.

Oh, I am so glad to hear of this giveaway! I'd love to be entered!


Your book looks lovely - please put my name in your drawing. Happy May, everyone!


Happy May Day!

Emily S

Your flowers are beautiful! And love the new May patterns :)

Patty S

Happy May Day!
Your book looks great - I love making something from (almost) nothing. Thanks for the inspiration.


i love may day-it's my youngest son's birthday! happy spring and thanks for the wonderful chance!!


Happy May Day! Looks like beautiful flowers are popping in your neck of the woods! How very generous of you to hostess a giveaway!


I love reading your blog for inspiration in my crafting. Happy May Day to you!

Angela Prince-Bex

Happy May Day to you. I am so ready for spring!


What a great way to start the month of May!


I love May Day! We used to deliver hand-made baskets of candy to neighbors when I was a kid. Memories!


Sending happy May Day wishes to you! (And crossing my fingers for luck to win the book!)


A copy of your book would simply be a wonderful treat!!! I so enjoy your blog....:)


Happy May Day! I've been wanting a copy of your book since it came out. I love your blog.


Happy May Day!! What a lovely way to commemorate the day. Such pretty pictures!


I've been wanting to get my hands on a copy of your book for quite a while! Now if I could only find a blanket like that one you found!

Mrs. Sensibility

I love the flowers. My hydrangea bush rarely has flowers. My favorites are the blue ones.


Beautiful photograph! My dogs ripped my shrubs to shreds over the winter and I fear I will have no flowers at all, so I will enjoy yours :) I'd love to have a copy of your book....everytime I go to a thrift shop I'm on the lookout for a wool blanket, no luck so far ;)


There is so much living and work to do that sometimes it is hard to keep up with blogs...let alone My Space and Twitter. I have left those alone.
I am placing the blame on you though that I have become interested in embroidering again...thank you.
Congratulations on your Grandchild's first Birthday...Grandchildren are the best...I am bragging about mine in my current post :)
I am keeping my fingers crossed...I hardly ever win in drawings of any kind...perhaps this time, now that would be wonderful. xoxo

Renee E

Very pretty! Happy Birthday Grandbaby, and I would love the book!!


Happy Birthday to Olivia and Happy May day to you too. I'm still wondering too where April went as well as March...February...and January. It seems like 2009 is flying right by. Have a wonderful weekend.

Cheryl Rhodes

Beautiful picture! Hydrangeas always remind me of my grandmother...she had a gorgeous hydrangea bush at her back door. I would love to be considered for the drawing. Your blog is one of my favorites!


I love your Lambkin pattern and I'd love to make more of your things!


Oh, boy a chance to win your book? Yea! 'Cause I don't have it yet. Can't wait to see what your new book will be, too!

Cathy M

Happy Mayday and Happy Birthday Olivia.


What beautiful blooms!


My Olivia just turned 16! So glad to see you back...and with a chance to win your book. What a treat!


I also would love to win a signed copy of your book!!! I began my blog reading (addiction) around the same time you were starting to put your blanket projects on your blog!

Hugs from Michigan - Diane

Bonnie Buckingham

And I live in the US.....thanks!
I have a copy which is why I'd love to give one away to one of my handwork friends!



lovely blooms!


Happy 1st of May! (I do have a US address, so I suppose I should be ok -- if I get lucky!)

What a treat!


I'm just loving it that spring has sprung! and also loving the sweet and cozy space you've made on the internet. Thank you :)


I have just the blanket in mind...pink wool. I love every one of your projects.


What beautiful flowers, and ANTOHER book? Can't wait.....


Your heart needlecase is still my favorite. I would love to win a copy of your book. Thank you for doing a giveaway!

Vera Sue Noll

That book is so cute I would love to win it. Vera Sue


Count me in please.I would love to win a copy.


Ooh! What a special mother's day gift that would be!


I can't wait to check out your book, it looks wonderful. Count me in.

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