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Oh, what a brilliant lot of yarn, and what a pretty project you've done with it! You're so clever! I love it. Can't wait to see your garden wall, Vicki!


That is such a precious little bird, and what a wonderful assortment of colors you found! A great deal indeed for wool yarn. And how serendipitous,to find the patterns, too!

I've embroidered with floss, and I've needlepointed with wool yarn, but I've never done crewel. I guess I should give it a try.


Lovely finds and such beautiful work. This is timely, because I wanted to come here and thank you for being a Needle Pulling Thread Inspiration! I finally made time to stitch one of your animals in aprons and I love it... I hope you will peek at it.
And thank you, many times.

Lavender Dreams

How pretty! It's beautiful here today and I am enjoying the day!

Miss Paula

Beautiful little bird!! Tweet Tweet!

Sharon D.

What great finds Vickie :) I love the little bird, so cute! I really need to start working on some unfinished embroidery I found at the Thrift Store.

Have a great day!


Lucy C

What a lovely little birdie and what a great thift shop find. I'm always on the look out for thrift shop bargins, especially when they can create something as cute as this. Thanks for sharing.


What a sweet find and and even sweeter bird! Our thrift stores don't have such cool stuff.
Your garden wall is beautiful.


Sweet Tweeter!

I know this may be an elementary and somewhat obvious question to others, but I'm gonna bite the bullet and show my ignorance. Can you wash things that are embroidered with wool?

REPLY: Yes, low alkaline soaps are fiber friendly, such as Equine soap, which is basically what the "quilt soaks" are all about. Use cold water and air dry so there's no shrinkage and less chance of dyes running.


I love the crewel. My Grandmother did so much of it. I love the little birdy. So so cute.

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