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Just the touch of sweetness I was craving... a post from Turkey Feathers!
Thank you.

Miss Paula

So beautiful!! Like always!


So pretty - thank you for sharing the pattern with us!


Thank you for the sweet surprise and the tutorial for putting the band on. I am going to look for a jelly roll to use just for this purpose. I don't sew much but love embroidery and I think I can handle this easy finish ;)

Sharon D.

Very pretty and so charming! I so enjoy your handwork :) Thanks for sharing :)


So pretty, the print is from Shangri La!


I think this towel is so pretty. One of your prettiest, and the fabric is the perfect choice.

Thank you for sharing yet another wonderful design, Vicki.


Oh simply wonderful! I've been stewing a bit about Mother's Day and I think that I can stop now. That fabric is a perfect complement to your embroidery.


I am so impressed with this little tea towel..it is so perfect. It's such a simple sweetness...just the kind of thing to bring a smile to one's face!!


Beautiful - I LOVE the colors. I do remember liquid embroidery. I never went down that road either - I'd much rather embroider with needle and floss!


Oh yeah, I did the Artex paint thing back in the day. Everything was stiff & the dumb paint things always clogged up and didn't spread right. I tried about every craft I could when I was young, so I guess you learn from every experience.
Your tea towel is extremely cute! Definitely puts Artex to shame.


I love making dish towels too! I love to make them for gifts for my girl friends and give recipes with them. Yours are darling!


Darling! I have that same jelly roll unrolled in my sewing room. I've been pulling bits and pieces from it here and there. I had a thought about keeping them together and organized- use a sock organizer! Then you can stick the label in the bottom and you will always know which line it is from. :)
Thanks for sharing this and I'm glad it is not liquid embroidery. ;)


I love love love your towel! It would be perfect in my kitchen... so I uess I'll have to make me some from your sweet surprises pattern. Thank you! :-)

Junie Moon

What a pretty tea towel! Thank you for sharing the idea as well as link to your banding tutorial.


Thanks so much for the pattern, it was just what I was looking for for some Mother's day gifts!

debbie h

Thank You Vicki!


Thanks, Vicki! I must have missed the band tutorial earlier. I make lots of dish towels for gifts!


Simply lovely!


The tea towel is adorable! That little strip of fabric you added goes perfect.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! That is "sew" pretty! The fabric you trimmed it with couldn't be more perfect!


Hello...wandered on over from Big Yellow Farmhouse...what a beautiful tea towel. Lovely embroidery! And your little grand daughter looks absolutely scrumptious! Hope to stop by again soon!

Stay Cozy, Carrie


Love the tea towel with it's teacup and flowers. Very pretty.


Adorable pattern!


This is sooo pretty. It's stuff like this that first inspired me to be a crafter!

Molly F

I'm just beginning embroidery--do you use all six strands when you work? the stitching in the tea towel is so lovely 3d.

my reply::

Thank you Molly!

I rarely use all six strands at once for any type of embroidery. The thread will be doubled and it's hard to pull 12 strands through at once--plus it's impossible to get fine detail with that much bulk. You'll need to carefully separate the strands into groups.

To do this, cut a length of 15" and select the number of strands. Hold the floss up in front of you and pull it apart slowly so the threads don't tangle, allowing them to unwind on their own.

For the teatowel, I used 4 strands on the cup, leaves, white flower, and all three yellow flower centers; 3 strands for the red flowers.

Good Luck with it!



Absolutely adorable!!!


I believe the fabric is Shangri-La by 3 Sisters...I LOVE that fabric and have way too much in my stash ;-) Great towel. I will bookmark your tutorial. Thank you for sharing!!!

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