Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Wow - the ric rac is perfect with that cabinet color! Ohhhhh....and another nice blog to add to my inspiration list. :)


I love going to the mailbox and finding sweet gifts rather than stinky bills...haha

Stay Cozy, carrie


My son (who is now 25) had those sheets and comforter on his bed when he was little! I painted his toy box to match. It was such a great little boy design! Thanks for bringing back the memories!


My sons had those same sheets! Just looking at them brought back so many great memories. Thanks for sharing!


My sons both had those sheets as well! They must have been the most popular boy's sheets in the early 80's!!
The Sunbonnet Sue is adorable. :)


How nice it is to go to the mailbox and receive a surprise. No one is more deserving than you. I checked out the Big Yellow Farmhouse, and added her blog to my list. The kitchen towel looks right at home there. I hope you are still enjoying your Spring.

Lavender Dreams

What fun! Love your surprises and the links!


I checked out the Big Yellow Farmhouse too, and that tea towel is just perfect there! It couldn't have gone to a better home!


You're right... it couldn't of been a better match for the cute duck tea towel. It looks adorable hanging from her cupboard.


Dear Vicki,

Thank you for featuring my little sewing kit. The internet was down for last two days here! It was a big surprise when I check your blog today.




Chase has made many things for me and I love them all! I have the sunbonnet girl note pad kit. It's wonderful for keeping kids busy at restaurants or church. I also have her tea towels, they're awesome.

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