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This smock is just adorable. It would be cute with jeans or leggings(Not for me though). I love simple pieces like this that can be dressed up or down.


I wore smocky stuff back in the day...Remember the 70's, vicki?
They are so appealing.
Still like 'em!


A little embroidery would look darling! Hmmm, I wonder where you could find some patterns;)


Very nice! And i love kitty coming in the door with you in the picture... It's like, hurry!, let's get in here with the new smock! :o)


Oh! It's lovely. I love sleeves and loose fits... it looks like something I would swoon over in a store. And if You go at it with embroidery floss... I will swoon for sure. Please do keep us posted.
... I'm thinking summery nightgown too... gracious.

Allie in MI

Absolutely darling. I can't believe you did that without a pattern!


I love that you named your manikin Violet - too cute. And so are the little spies coming in the door!


I love it.

Fancy Elastic

oooh, lush... bring on the sunshine!

Jodie from the team at cherrymenlove.com

You are so creative - your smock top looks great.


Love it...Consider making a pattern?

jessica m.

All I've ever wanted was to make a weekend 'run around' tunic like this. All the ones in the stores aren't for us ladies with...big jugs if you will.

I'd pay top dollar for a pattern of that.

jessica m.

I just realized that yours is not the blog which recently featured the hilarious big jugs story...and now I'm embarrassed for using that CRASS AND FRIGHTENING language. sorry :)


You are sooooo talented. I love your smock! Wish I had one! :-o)

Gumbo Lily

Cute smock. Looks "light and airy" for spring. Embroidery will add a nice touch.



I love it too and would pay for a pattern like that..plus size, please

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