Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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As you know, my garden is under way. What will you plant? I envy your herb garden. :-) I hope you will be able to take a picture of werns in their home. A week ago I was visiting my sister. We heard the geese ... flying high, heading home. I agree, "What a marevelous planet we live on."


There have been birds checking out my birdhouses too...picky little shoppers! Your herbs are lovely!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Christy of MommaOnTheMounain

I LOVE Nichol's Garden Nursery seeds/plants...we've been ordering from them for years! They are the best! It is nice to be dumped in the middle of some fair weather for a bit! Enjoy!


I love the ground cover under the bird house tree. Is that something you planted or grows wild? It looks so soft, almost fluffy. The herb garden is so full already. My son has showed a sudden interst in natural remedies so we are planning a herb garden this year. I hope ours will look healthy as yours.

Cathy Santarsiero

Wow! Your garden is well under way. Our dirt is barely soft enough to dig. We have a sudden 'summer like' weekend here though, in the 80's! Quite a jump from the 50's. I intend to make the most of it. Have a happy weekend. -C ^..^


I know what you mean - picked out some seed packs today. Unfortunately its still a little cool here in Michigan ...but soon the ground will be ready!


It has been sunny here this weekend, but has felt chilly. I have a few starts that I'm waiting to plant, as it has dropped down into the 30's a few times this week at night. My sister in law just sent me a package of watercress seeds from England. I thought that was pretty neat. I've never had watercress before, but when I think of it, I think of England, and tea...even though I know we grow it here too.
I'm so glad to see your birdhouse. I have a wonderful wooden one that another sister in law made, and the birds always fight over it. She was the one who taught me, that the size of the hole in the birdhouse makes a real difference to who will move in. It's such an interesting subject. I need to hang mine in the cherry tree again. A big wind caused the old wire to break.

Everything is looking wonderful at your place Vicki.


Lovely post, lovely place!

Diana Clark

Your garden looks beautiful, ours has things blooming everywhere and there are no vacancys in any of the bird houses but it's a little warmer here in the south! BTW I recieved my pkg. from Pattern Bee yesterday and I looove everything
I cant wait to start stitching,I am very happy with my purchase!

Sharon D.

Everything looks beautiful. I have purchased all of my seeds but now I am wondering where I am going to put everything :) Our planting date starts after Memorial Day and I can't wait! Our Bluebirds just moved back in a couple of weeks ago :)

Thanks for the Deer Repellent recipe. I'm going to give it a try :)


I like you, run to look at the geese as they fly over head! Even the dog has gotten into the act! What a wonderful sight it is to see them all... what with their comings and goings it's nice to know that something/someone knows when the seasons are changing!
I had your deer repellent printed and on a sheet of paper on the fridge and my DH wanted to know if we have been having trouble with deer that he didn't know about! LoL... no deer, but other pests... so I thought I would try it! Wish me luck!

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