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I am SO glad to hear that your deer is surviving OK! Thank God that he could come back and let you see him. I'm sure the grape hyacinth was a very comforting treat for him. :-) I am also glad that you can enjoy your spring.


It's so nice to have an update on the deer - thanks so much.

I love your header on your blog - is it brand new or am I just slow to notice it? (I think all of your headers are so charming!)


Thanks for sharing the update on the injured deer. I hope it continues to improve. I have such a hard time dealing with things like that. ~Mandy


I grew up on a farm in the W. Valley (near Dayton). My house was surrounded by forest on 3 sides. During the winter months a deer would sleep under my window (heating vent) and rise at dawn. Your lovely pictures and munching deer have hearkened sweet memories and a few homesick tears. Thank you.


I have to admit, that the deer has entered into my thoughts more than once, and I've been worried. It is good to know that perhaps he is healing. It's a lovely photograph of your magnolia. Mine has buds, but no blossoms just yet.


I too have seen a deer that was in the same predicament last year. I never knew what happened to it. It's comforting to know your deer has found some solace in your yard. Beautiful spring blooms!

Jean C.

Well, hopefully the deer will find a way to heal completely.
You are sweet to share... others may not be quite so willing.
Spring may be there... but it's snowing up a storm outside my windows! Enjoy while you can.

Elaine from Portsmouth England

Hi Vicky - shows you should never underestimate the power of prayer -or nature. I'm so glad the deer showed up again so you (and many more of us) could stop worrying and wondering) I know - how about growing something specially for him in part of your garden - put a sign up for him to say "this is to make your strong again" and "all other deers to keep off". How daft can you get!! Just so pleased he came back to you. My magnolia is a Susan type - more open and blousey than the tulip types and it's in a very large pot. My sister has the variety Stellata - lovely and perfect for a smaller garden. My daffs are continuing to bloom, lots of tulips are flowering, also muscari, my crocus have finished. Love spring. Have a happy day.


Nature is wonderful...someone is watching over this little grape hyacinth eating Deer.
Is the photo of the tulip tree current?...it is beautiful.


Vicki, thanks for letting us know...you're such a sweetheart!


Happy for the deer, and happy for you! We trust in the circle of life and mother nature to balance things out, and it looks like it did! We are geting pounded with snow here in Colorado, so it's refreshing to see new flower blooms on a tree!


Good morning Vicki.
A little tribute to your delightful book and YOU..today on my blog. I am so enjoying this little project.


Here it's quite hot, too much for March. The good thing is Spring is everywhere we can look.


thanks for the update, Vicki. We had an injured, limping deer in the yard all winter here too. He manages, but it's heartbreaking to watch. Glad to know yours is doing his best too.

ellen kelley

I am so glad to hear that the deer is out and about. I know the frustration of trying to rescue an injured animal. Many months ago we had a pelican stranded in our nursery. Nothing worked out even after many phone calls and the next morning he was dead. Later I did read that many pelicans were disoriented and had ended up in strange places. We had had an enormous storm at the coast and as we are only forty or so miles inland by car, I guess it is not so surprising. It does break one's heart.


My husband and I saw a deep limping in the fields yesterday, he could not walk on his front right leg. I right away thought of your deer post. I'm so glad "your" deer seems to be mending.


It might be comforting to know that an animal that is injured never stops to think about what happened or why he is injured or what he is missing out on. They simply accept that the leg or whatever does not work and live as best they can. If that's not a lesson to us I don't know what is. : )

Chrys in KS

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