Hello and welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki Haninger and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Junie Moon

A very happy first day of spring to you! Although we don't suffer unduly because of adverse weather here in Tucson, I am so thrilled spring is here. It doesn't last long as we usually jump right into summer. But, for today, I'm grateful for the special promises inherent in spring and am enjoying all it offers us.

Lavender Dreamer

It's such a fun time of year! My hubby burned our brush pile yesterday! I did not take his picture! heehee! But it does feel so great to have the sunshine and longer days! Happy Spring!


Yay! Springtime! There's lots to do in the yard here, too. And a rainy weekend ahead.


Miss Paula

Happy Spring!!! My favorite time of year!!

Amy Herkert

Snowflakes today but we are anticipating all that the warmer weather will bring. I can't wait. The arrival of each season is magical!!


Spring brings new beginnings. Cute birdhouse and my daffodils are not in bloom yet...soon tho.


Happy spring! I started some flower seeds indoors and most of them sprouted today! Have fun!


Yea, the "daffy down dillys" are in bloom, and the are lovely! HAPPY SPRING!


Happy Spring to you Dear Vicki!

I have a lot of clean-up to do in my garden too. The snow was so hard on a lot of my plants. Especially some of the bushes. They're all bent over like old people, and look so sad.

My daffodils are blooming and the Armandi is just opening. The trees on the parking strip are a sight to behold, all dressed in pink, and ready to party.

Whenever my sister asks what I'd like her to plant in her great big garden, I always request pumpkins too!


Oh my goodness! I just checked the Sweet Surprises....thank you so much Vicki! You've made my day!


Happy Spring! Yippee! The toaster cover is under Sweet Surprises, my mind is already creating new wordplays!


Thank you for the toaster cover pattern. A nice spring surprise for all of us. You are very generous with your patterns.

Diana (Ladybug Limited)

Our daffodils are in bloom, too! We're looking forward to some vegetable garden prep over spring break as all we have in so far are berries...

Mugger is hoping to try a project or 2 from your book over break too-- he wants to put a little friend in his sister's Easter basket :)


Lucky you. I am longing for spring. We still have a ton of snow. I will be starting over with my garden because we are in a new house this year. I will be planting seed very soon! :0)


Hehe, love your surprise. Butter fly :p
And yes we love spring! Have a happy one =)


Thank you thank you for the very sweet, very funny toaster cozy! I'm doin' it!


Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Vicki! Thanks for sharing your spring day with me!


lovely signs of spring everywhere!!
the birdhouse is great!


Sweet gift from a friend...hope that the wrens will love it. Pumpkins for a grandgirlie and a daughter who helps with cleanup. It all sounds wonderful.


Happy spring vicki!


Dear Vicki, You are so generous with your "sweet surprises"!I am ready to start mine right now. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!


P.S. I love your new "about" page collage!


Just wanted to thank you for the free patterns on your pattern bee. I have already embroidered the halloween one with the little boy in bed and the ghost, and am working on the Good Night lady/moon. Thanks!


Oh my goodness, I just checked your "sweet surprises" and I just love the "hot toast". Thank you so much!

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