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LOVE the pictures of Lily! So happy you have a new fridge!! ~Mandy


Lily is a beauty! So glad you got a new fridge. Enjoy! :)


I'm so glad to see Lily enjoying Spring too. She is so pretty & funny. Having a new fridge is wonderful! YEA! I'm glad you are able to work in the kitchen again. I'll bet baking is on the to do list too.


That cat of yours is beautiful! I'd better get busy and spray the tulips with your magic concoction because the deer are already on the prowl in my neighborhood! Thanks for the reminder.


I certainly hope the disasters are over for awhile! Lily looks quite content after her romp in the catnip! The sunshine looks inviting too, we are still waiting for it here. Winter seems a long one for us this year. Thanks for she photos, it gives me hope!


Lily looks like she is experiencing pure joy!! Her photo is just so much fun to look at - thanks for sharing it with us! She is a beauty! Good luck, too, with the deer - they are quite relentless (but so pretty!).


Such sweet photos of Lilly....I told my daughter the other day to plant some catnip for her silly kitties...they'd love it! I think I'll email her the photos of silly Lilly in all her relaxed poses to encourage it!


the pictures are so pretty! i love that cat of yours. she is a character and so big too! nothing like something new in the house to start a chain reaction. don't work too hard..enjoy spring!!


Adorable lily! Beautiful pictures, Vicki!


Grape hyacinths! Ours are not in bloom yet here in Connecticut but I love them and await them. Our crocus are in bloom, yellow and purple. Thank you for posting Spring.


Darling Lily! I could just hug her beautiful white self!


I love that top picture...Beautiful Lily. I can't smell spring here yet, we still have a bit of snow on the ground from our "Spring" snow storm, so I'll just enjoy your Spring for now.


Perhaps we should all try some catnip . Lily looks very good on it !

Cathy Santarsiero

I love her sniffing the air!


Purrr-fect post.


What a pretty day for a pretty kitty. Good times with the fridge and all the wonderful things you can store again. I think it's a hoot when cats get in the catnip.


I adore your white ball of fur...Lily is a really sweet kitty!

Jean C.

Pic's of the kitty are so cute. Looks like a good time was had by all! Lily seems quite happy. All that nice catnip I suspect! Too fun!

Wendy O

I love the chik, chiks!! The kitty is so sweet! Nothing like a sunny day and a kitty in the yard!
That dish towel would look great in my kitchen.


Oh, I love cats behaving silly! You can see they enjoy spring as much as we, humans, do!


Looks like your cat is happy as I am about spring coming. I've been rolling around in the sunshine too...hee..hee

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