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That's just amazing!

Lavender Dreamer

They are wonderful! And socks are NOT easy! My daughter in law knits LOTS of socks and has given me some. Nothing better than handmade! I love them and I know you will enjoy yours!


It's not often I get to say this, but...Those are beautiful sockies!


Oh, gosh, how precious! What a treasure! GREAT JOB and a hard-workin' girl you've got there.


How fantastic! *How* old is she?! I taught myself around 4 years ago... when I was 33!

REPLY:: Thank you! Grace is going on 18 this spring. It just goes to show--that you can learn anything if your heart is in it.


A self-taught sock knitter...that is mighty impressive!! There is nothing like hand knit socks. So comfy cozy on your feet. A treasure indeed.

Junie Moon

I'm very impressed and the newly-knit socks look quite lovely. I'm also shamefaced as I've still not conquered sock knitting. I shall take Grace's beautiful success as my inspiration.


What yarn did she use?

REPLY:: Being her first pair, I believe she used an acrylic blend to practice with--in lieu of spending $$ on natural fiber--just in case it didn't work out. :o)


That is so impressive! Is there nothing this young woman can't do ? And I love the idea of matching socks and apron being the crafting 2000s version of the matching gloves , handbag and shoes our mothers had to have .

nicole struse

I love those and would love to try some socks, but do you know is possible to do a basic sock with just 2 standard knitting needles, instead of the double-pointed ones listed in most patterns??

REPLY:: I'm not much of a knitter so don't know the answer to this, but I do know that Grace used four needles for these socks.


Wow! Grace, you are awesome! The next Debbie Bliss I'm thinkin'
Smiles, DianeM :)


Good job, Grace! What a labor of love :)

Amy Herkert

They look great! Tell her she did a beautiful job.


Oh my! I'm so impressed with Grace's tenacity! She made you some beautiful socks and the color is divine.


I have tried and tried to learn to knit without success. I so admire Grace for her ability to accomplish such beautiful craft. She is indeed a talented artist with knitting needles.


What a precious gift! She did a beautiful job.


Good for Grace! I just started knitting socks last year and have been addicted to them ever since.


Such talent - these socks are beautiful. I wish I had the skill to make something as pretty as this!


Wow! Really, first pair knitted? Wow! I have got to learn to knit.


Bravo Grace!
I am always so impressed by your patience and skill.


precious! beautiful colour and workwomanship!!


Very sweet!


Vicki - Thank you for the "Sweet Surprise". Thank you for your hard work and sharing it with the rest of us - so very generous of you. Like everything on your site, it is so, so adorable!


I really like your new blog banner, it's so pretty!

Sharon M.

I am so impressed that Grace taught herself to knit those lovely socks--very nice! Thanks, too, for the sweet surprise--cute, cute, cute!! :)


Grace is just as clever and talented as her mother. I think she needs her own blog!
Thank you SO MUCH for the sweet surprise!! It made my day!


GRACE'S MOM HERE:: Thanks everybody for the kind words about Grace's socks!! She's feeling quite encouraged now, and has started another pair--while it's all still fresh in her mind. I'' try and log more details the second time around to share with you here.


Nice socks! Never thought about making them in that color, but now I'll consider it.


What cute socks, the color reminds me of peppermint
patties:-) Wonderful kitting Grace!

Amy Roy

Grace did an amazing job on your socks! The stitches look so tiny and even, and the color is really pretty. I'm glad she is starting on another pair.

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