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I WANT that toaster cover. WHERE do I find one. I need it!

REPLY: This is really old. Since a number of people are inquiring--I'll do a follow-up post about it soon.


I have that exact toaster cover which I found for a $1.00 in pretty sad shape at a garage sale - I loved the word play so had to "adopt it" - nice to see yours! Thanks for sharing - and happy St. Paddy day to you to. Jewels


Well, I guess no one can pinch you today. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family. Green is everywhere, and I love the green side of your apron. Your toaster cover is absolutely adorable too. I like your collage, not too busy, not too cute. I am glad to hear that you will be answering the questions on the comments page. And as far as "work" goes, give me that kind of "work" any day. Happy Baking. :-0)


happy st. patrick's day vicki!


I am drooling over that green apron - I love that color of green. Happy St. Patricks Day.


I really love that toaster cover. Reminds me of both my gramma's houses when we were little, every single thing was covered with something like that! I love it! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Oh my, that toaster cover is TOO cute! I admit that I had to glance at it twice to "get" the message. Adorable.


Love the toaster cover...Pretty apron too, very Irish looking.
Happy St Patrick's Day to you too.

jessica m.

Oh man, like everyone else said, I WANT THAT TOASTER COVER.

1) I have a sort of unnatural love for toast

2) My toaster is hideous.

Did you make that one?

REPLY: Yes and no...stay tuned for more about it.


Oooo - I'm soooo slow - I had to read the toaster cover 'out loud' to 'get it'! Duh! It is so cute!! I want one too! Did you make it? Is there a pattern? And what are you baking in the last photo? Looks like it's gonna be yummy!!

REPLY: I think there might just be a pattern in the works...maybe a "sweet surprise"! The mini tartlets were amazing. My recipe is here:


ACK! Love this! All of it. Those polka dots are so fun. I'm dancing a jig, and craving buttery toast. Happy St. Patty day!


And a very Happy St. Paddy's Day to you too!

I love your vintage pin,and your apron, and I too think that toaster cover is pretty wonderful.

Pattern Bee looks just dandy. I love the market tote! Somehow, I'd missed seeing that before. What a wonderful idea.

Thanks for your sweet surprises Vicki, and thanks for being such a sweetheart, too!


Love the apron ~ Love the toaster cover (I too was a bit of a dunce and didn't GET IT til another comment pointed it out ~ oh duh!! Anyway, love the leprechaun too . . . . such adorable-ness! Now where's the recipe for whatever little pie-tart-thingies yer makin' there missy??!!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!


I ditto Cherry Tree Lane's comment. Do you sell that pattern?

Happy St. Paddy's to you, too!

REPLY: The pattern is not part of anything I sell. (Maybe a freebie sometime soon though--see above.)

Kate Brown

Adorable as usual! :)


That vintage toaster cozy is adorable! Hope you had a wonderful St. Patty's Day!~Smiles~Tam!


I love the toaster cover and that saying is adorable!
I didn't get pinched either. :)
Hope you had a great day.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love that toaster cover! I hope your St Patrick's Day was pinchless♣


That is the cutest toaster cozy I have ever seen, I love the saying too!


LOVE the toaster cover! ♥♥♥


Oh my, that is the cutest toaster cover ever! Do you have a pattern for it that we can buy? I'd love to make one!!


Thank you Vicki for the very sweet surprise!

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