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Ele at abitopinkheaven

Love that abprons are back in style. This one is cute, as well as functional.


That's a cute apron! I can't quite figure out the ties; they look like they tie in the back, but there are 4 ties...so where do the other ones go?


Retiring a blog is always a tough decision. I would miss checking in here, but understand the need to make changes.

And a very cute apron pattern indeed! It looks easy to make too. I want one!


What a darling apron! I am always so messy, I need an apron that covers me completely and this is perfect. Maybe you can find one on ebay. I hope you were kidding about retiring this blog because its such a sweet place to visit and I would really miss it.


Dang that's cute!!! That hairdo is back in style again too. I think the other ties must go around the front on the inside. It looks like you could tie it either way.


A blog is a funny thing. It does seem to have seasons. i watched a few people close blogs and move to new ones, and ended up doing it myself. (The others are still there) Obviously I don't have readers on a scale like you, but for myself, I found it a great process, kind of acknowledgement of change and growth, a new season!
I love your writing anyhow and would follow you anywhere !!!


Blogging has to be enjoyable for you. It's about sharing what you do with others, and having a dialogue with your readers about them, but it's also about journaling, so it's a personal thing. If it's not fresh and exciting for you, or you want to try to steer things toward Pattern Bee, go for it.


Dear Vicki, I would hate to see Turkey Feathers deleated, but would follow your writing wherever you go. Just give us the directions, and we will follow! As for the apron, I don't think I have the exact pattern, but one that is similar... I'll check tonight when I get home. I know it does cover the front and back. I'll email you later.


(De-lurking for a moment)

I have an apron just like that! Several years ago, McCall's put out a "Retro" collection and the wrap style was included in the 3440 pattern. You can probably google a bunch of sites that have it for sale. A quick search brought up this one:


Anyway, I love my wrap apron cause I can even wear it now at 8 months pregnant. :)

Amy L.

I just want to second that last comment. I would be sad to see Turkey Feathers go, but also trust that you will make the decision that makes most sense for you. Since I don't think I've ever commented before, let me just say a big THANK YOU for all your generosity. It is such a privilege to be allowed these glimpses into your life and creative process. You inspire me so often.


Just a quick thank you for your Sweet Surprises. What a nicety in todays economy.


I would miss Turkey Feathers so much!(I know you will do what is best.) ~Mandy

Irene Heikes

Thanks for the adorable embroidery
patterns. It's fun to check back for your "Sweet Surprises". I love your blog. It's one of the first I read.


Vickie...I believe that all of your creativity, humor, inspiration and generosity that we have loved at Turkey Feathers, will be just as loved anywhere you choose to put it!...Bringing your favorite elements of your website and blog together in one place seems like a wonderful idea!...


Vickie, I must say that I would dearly hate to see your blog go, I have been SO inspired by it and your talents, as well as the talents of your daughters talents! I can understand wanting it all in one place, but I still would like to see what's going on with Vickie and the girls from time to time, you are a breath of fresh air, and your photography and ideas are just wonderful! Let us know, if you move, where we can find you so I can keep your link on my blog homepage! ((HUGS!))


I do enjoy and look forward to reading your blog everyday. You are an inspiration. Just let us know where you go and we will follow you there ! We want you to be happy also !


no no no to flying the coop! if it ain't broke......... x


ohh my what a question You must do what works for you. Selfishly I hope you find a way to keep on with your blog


can you attach a blog to your new website:-) i would miss you all! i think i remember my nana wearing aprons like that too.


They say change is good, but I sure do love Turkey Feathers... even if it flies the coop, it would have to land somewhere!

Sharon M.

Vicki--I would miss Turkey Feathers--I visit every day and so enjoy your blog--it's beautiful and inspiring. But as many others before me have said, I'll follow your blog wherever it goes. Thank you so much for your sweet surprises--I'm havin' so much fun clicking that little button! :)


Oh, my gosh! If that isn't the perfect apron...
I have to tell you that I would miss being able to pop in here and see what you have been up to, but you need to do what you feel is best, Vicki. I will gladly follow where ever you go. :)


I would miss Turkey Feathers as I visit several times a week. But technology keeps moving us forward, sometimes faster than I want to move.
PS: I love love the name "Turkey Feathers"

debbie h

Thank you for the "Sweet Surprise", Vicki! Love it.....you're awesome!
deb h


Oh..Vicki...please don't. Have you ever gone back through your archives? There is such beauty there. Really, truly...I mean it. Your blog and Yarnstorm were my first blog experiences...and I treasure those times....selfish of me I know, to expect something from you but....just saying it would be such a waste to have all this beauty deleted. You have a wonderful gift with words and photos. Just lovely.


Vicki - its adorable!

I also wanted to let you know that I'm doing a painting challenge over at the blog, and thought you might be interested. hugs!



Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I made an apron much like that in 8th grade home ec and a matching shift. We all wore them to our Mother's Day Brunch. Imagine 30 girls in the same outfit in the big florals of the mid 60's! Boring! (We also crowned "Posture Queen" that day! You tie the back ties in the front first and then the front ties in the back. It is basically a shift pattern without the side seams. Please continue Turkey Feathers! You bring so much joy and inspiration to so many. Have a fantastic week.

Jean C.

My thought is that you just find a sleeveless dress that fits you and use that as your pattern! Add a few ties and away you go! As long as your using it for an apron! It shouldn't be a problem!


I love that pattern also - look at the price - 50 cents - unbelievable. I hope you keep your blog going - your provide so much inspiration and happiness to all your readers. You are like a part of our families!


That apron is so similar to a dress pattern that was reissued. I'm not sure of the exact name - walkaway dress? walkabout dress? I believe it was by simplicity. I'll bet you could adapt the dress pattern easily.

As for the blog, just post your new address and I'll be there.

Miss Mary

Delurking to say that this pattern is very similar to a current McCalls 5551
The only difference seems to be the ties (the one shown here seems longer). With McCalls on sale at Hobby Lobby this week (3/2/2009) for .99 cents in might be worth it. (Hancock has it for the same price the week of 3/17). Since I spill all of the time, I am off to buy this pattern myself!!


Sweetie: I will miss turkeyfeathers but will follow you to a new blog if necessary.

And drafting that apron patron would be a cinch. Seriously. You need a French curve, some newspaper and three measurements (neck to hem, neck to waist, and hip).

Elaine from Portsmouth England

Hi Vicki - would miss you muchly - I check in every day - like looking in on one of the family. Looking at comments - can you imagine if all your readers came together in one place!!! On the subject of moving your wonderful blog just do what you have to, a blog like this must take up a lot of your time - life's too short - you know how it goes. Love from me over the pond


I read your blog every day! I would miss it terribly! The sweet surprises are great fun...your blog is a delight to read. I've got a large collection of apron patterns and have never seen that one. It looks great for fitting all kinds of sizes.


Oh you could use your dress form!


I'm going to be totally selfish here and say...Please don't leave us!!!!
Now that I got that out...You have to do what is best for you and what ever you decide I wish you the best.
Now about that apron pattern. I love it. If I had it, it would be yours without a price. Good luck with it tho.


We'd all fly along , of course!! I , for one , need all the lovely photos and new ideas on a regular basis . You'd be sadly missed !

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I would hate to see Turkey Feathers disappear. I love checking in here.
As for the apron dress. I love the longer one with the rick rack. I'll bet you can figure out how to make it without the pattern.


Instead of closing this blog down, you could always just let this one evolve into your business one - allowing a nice smooth transition. It may also allow for those new to your business to comb back through and get new ideas, thus possibly boosting your business. I know I've been guilty of seeing something on your blog and then visiting the business site :)


but, oh, Vickie....we love it here! I like to pop in often there is so much fun and sweetness here. That said, I'm sure you will figure out what you need to do. -Just know that turkeyfeathers is terrific the way it is from this reader's place!


I too would be sad to see Turkey Feathers disappear, but of course there's a time for everything and the desicion is yours :-)
Thank you so much for today's surprise - those little kiddies are adorable!


Your blog is at the top of my list...it was one of the first that I found and you always inspire me.

I have that pattern someplace in my stash.

hmmmm....wonder which tote it's in...

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