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This is such a darling apron! It looks very Cath Kidston-esque, and I mean that as the highest compliment. *happy sigh* Seeing little peeks of your corner of the world brings me joy.


I'm so sorry to hear about the deer. I know it is so hard to see a creature of God suffering.
Isn't it such a comfort to pull out our "old friends", the sewing machine. Yor sweet apron looks like you are ready for spring, and St. Patty's Day. I know you'll enjoy using it, and I can't wait to see what goodies you will make while wearing it. Thank you for brightening my world I'm glad we can brighten yours too.


I know what you mean...I saw a deer get hit by a car and had nightmares that night. I love the apron and the colors you picked.


This apron is just adorable! It reminds me that spring must be just around the corner-very cheerful!

Thanks you for sharing all of your creativity with the rest of us - I check your site everyday looking for what you've been up to lately! (and I'm never disappointed!) Thanks!


It's perfect! I love the rick-rack.


Life surely does hold its challenges, and sadness. I suppose that makes the joy richer still, but sometimes it is hard not to wonder at the "why" of it all. I'd much rather be a person who feels it all, though. To feel another's pain, is to truly "be". Yours is a special and loving soul Vicki, and you make a difference, here.

I'm not sure, but I think that perhaps the game control people can keep a lookout for the deer, and perhaps there is a number that can be called? I seem to remember that from something that I heard in the past.

I love your apron. The combination of fabrics is very cheerful.

Sending love your way today.

REPLY: Thanks Lena, it's always nice to hear from you and I really appreciate your support. About the poor little deer; we've seen no more of him. Our property backs up to a heavily forested area outside of city boundaries and so it's quite impossible for animal control services or anyone else, to scout for it, especially with lack of funds and resources as limited as they are now. I'm afraid it's a matter of letting nature take it's course. Sad to accept sometimes, but there's sound reason behind allowing animal predators to manage the weak and injured in the wild. But--I'm still keeping an eye out just in case he happens to show up again.


It's a terrible feeling not being able to help someone (animal or human) who needs it. Especially for us Mother Hen types!
That apron is lovely, those colours are so cheerful.


Look in your phone book for an animal rehiblitator. They take injured wild animals and nurse them back to health. Vets and many times your local game warden usually know of them. YOu can also locate them in your area on the internet. I know what you mean it is so painful to see an innocent animal hurt or suffer. God bless you tender heart.


Your creations always bring joy! Be blessed!


I have that pattern! I love the combination you chose in fabric! So feminine! Nice modeling for the photo, too!

ellen kelley

I do understand your pain. I really cannot remember exactly how long ago it was when we had such a tremendous wind storm here (38-40 miles inland from Reedsport, Or.)and there was a pelican in our nursery; so disoriented and helpless. I tried finding someone to come and rescue he/she. I spent hours on the phone. It did not work, and the next day the poor bird was dead. I felt so responsible in some way, and it hurt, although I don't know that I could have done anything more. Nature is..well nature..sometimes benevolent and many times cruel.
You did what you could do and sewing and creating is sometimes all that we can do to ease the pain.
Best to you..the apron is so cheery and lovely.


Don't be so glum chum, the sun will come out tomorrow.


Oh gosh. How horrible to watch that poor deer. You're apron however is very cute and I can just picture you bustling about in it :)


That is terrible about the deer. I hate to see animalas suffering.

I love your apron. I love the fabric. It's very pretty.


The apron is wonderful on your dressform! I remember your blog about it popping out of the box and you all giggling. That's exactly the pattern I was thinking of the other day to use. Think I'll make one for myself this week to perk me up!

I'm so sad about your deer; the suggestion about the rehabilitator is wonderful. I'm sad about a wild cat in our neighborhood with a 1 1/2" open wound in his neck. Sometimes these things are so sad.


Poor deer! I live in a place with lots of deer (in Norway), and here every discrict is obligated to have a specially trained dog to track down injured animals. Any driver that hits a deer or anything else has to report, and if the animal is fit enough to escape, the dog and his trainer will be called in to track it down and kill it.

If you know any hunters with dogs, may be they can help out. Of course the tracks need to be fresh...


Oh, and the apron is lovely :)


That apron is TOO cute. The fabric is fantastic! I love how you used the lining fabric in place of the bias tape. And the rick rack is the perfect touch.

Claudia Hill

Oh, I am so sorry about the deer. They are such gentle creatures. I am like you, when I see an animal in pain, I am haunted by it. I hope there is a peaceful resolution to this young deer's pain.

The apron is darling ~ so cheerful. And good therapy.


Oooh. Very nice.


I know what it is like to worry about injured wild animals.

The apron is darling - love the fabrics. Now....tell me about your blouse(?) underneath. That looks like something I would like to make. Thank you.

REPLY: Hi Teresa! That blouse is just an ordinary peasant blouse, that I made from a pattern long ago. Don't have the make or model off the top of my head, but it's just a basic one that you can still find pretty easily.


This apron is adorable. And I'm so sorry about the deer--how perfectly sad and upsetting.


The apron is darling and I am inspired by you to make one for myself! And about the state of the States, the wonderful thing about blogging is that we get to share our hopes and fears with others. So lets all hold hands and repeat, We Can Do This...Together.


Yes....this scary time is a chance for us dig in and rediscover the best that is in the American character. This blog is a good example of that best.

Did you cut the lining of the apron wider to allow it to serve as a binding? How much wider?

REPLY: I didn't cut the apron wider, it actually would be the same size with the 5/8" seam allowance. I used a narrow roll-over type hem though.


just catching up on all your posts and everything is so inspired. spring sure does whip up a frenzy of all kinds, but the creative breeze is our favorite. love your sweet surprises. xoC

anne from finland

Your apron is so lovely!!! I am so sorry for the deer.

Lavender Dreamer

I LOVE the fabric you chose and the style is one I would like I can't wear something that ties on my neck. I get a crick in my neck! lol I'll try to find this pattern so that I can make one, too! And I know what you mean...it's hard not to have a heavy heart with all the bad news and sad things all around. But sewing and crafting helps! (I have a Bernina, too...love it!)


Lovely apron! I think I have that pattern too. Love the colors you used together, very "spring".

Oh and I just checked SWEET SURPRISES too! THANK YOU! He's adorable!!


What a pretty & cheerful apron! I know that there is a lot of crazy things going on in the world right now, all the more reason to blog. It is a safe, sweet get-away from the craziness!
That and I really enjoy your blog!

The soul would have no rainbow
Had the eyes no tears.
- John Vance Cheney


What a lovely apron - my favorite colors!!

Cheryl K. Bennett

that is simply adorable.
I love ric rack, too & use it on my cards.


Thank you for the "Sweet Surprise"!


Oh, BTW how did you create the binding on the side of your pretty apron? Did you cut the back larger than the front and wrap it over? I am making an apron for my future grand-daughter-in-law, and I usually line mine instead of using binding. I just love the way yours looks!

REPLY: Thanks Velma, I'm really loving my new apron. It has brightened my mood with all it's gaiety! For the side "binding" I didn't cut anything wider, or alter the pattern at all since it calls for a seam allowance anyway.

SEWING TIP: Do make sure to iron and pin the folds BEFORE doing the roll hem, because as always happens when you sew across the grain, it will begin to pull and pucker toward the end.


Love the fabric and apron! It made me smile! blogging can make us feel better in hard times.


Gosh! If I had an apron that pretty I'd almost be happy to cook!


Thank you for the "green puppet".
So sorry for the deer, I understand how your mood was bad.
Your apron smell the spring !!!


You brighten my day so much...you are such a sweetheart..lovely apron. So sad about the deer...I cry buckets over things like this...a little animal injured in my little yard gets me totally into mothering/worrying mode. I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog, Vicki!

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