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The tarts are perfectly pretty! I'm impressed that the juices didn't ooze out at all. Love the heart-y shape you gave them.


I love your sense of humor about the whole thing. It is a shame that things are made so cheap nowadays. I have had similar problems with cars and other things. It's irritating to have to keep "consuming" even when we shouldn't need to. Love that apron!


Oh I'd forgotten all about having to do that weekly defrosting chore growing up! We'd have to wait til the end of the week, take everything out of the tiny top freezer compartment, unplug the ice box and wait all day for ice to melt, and then sop everything up with towels. We are so spoiled by today's standards as I would hate to go back to that again!


sorry about the fridge, sounds like you're making the most of it though! funny. the tarts look too cute to eat. i'm going to have to dig up that recipe.


I so hear you! We just had to replace a 3 year old microwave, which cost $300 something, but after tax, installation, etc was more like over $500. I feel like something that expensive should work a lot longer than 3 years! We tried to repair it and it cost almost as much to repair as get a new one. Now our dishwasher which was bought at the same time is making weird noises. It's true, things aren't built with the same quality anymore, unfortunately! It seems like my grandma had the same early microwave for like 10 years!
Anyway, lucky for you, you were prepared.


O, you are too cute! the Tarts look amazing...I will peek around your site too find the how too...:)


Don't you just hate spending money on things that you already have. Lots more fun on things you want.
We have had to replace our cooling/heating unit, and also a refrigerator, and it was suggested to us that it was possibly from our electricity surging. Which it had been doing quite often. After complains to the company, by us and neighbors, limbs were trimmed, etc. Then, guess what, the power station burned to the ground. I'm just saying...

ellen kelley

Planned obsolescence?
It's not nice. I am sorry. I remember our frig from growing up..big, cumbersome with what we called the "bird cage" on the top..aka the motor. It never quit.


Oh Vicki~
You have me wishing for a taste of those gawgeous tarts!!!!

Your place is such a delight!

Lavender Dreamer

Love the tarts! They are beautiful and tasty, too!


That magazine is always full of beautiousness. Hmmm, maybe I need a new aprom.

Your tarts are perfection - congrats!

xoxo KB


oh my the blackberry tarts--I thought they were from the magazine! Too pretty!

Hope you have a great day, Vicki!


When I had to replace my 2!! yr old fridge I asked the repair man about my mom's 35yo one still kicking in the garage? Don't make them like that anymore...nope they sure don't!


The tarts look snacktastic-the recipe is in your blog entry for August 28, 2008 if anyone needs it-thanks for sharing!


Oh man, the same thing happened to me--my "ice box" was only a couple of years old (a major brand) and not cheap. It was still under warranty but still it was a hassle and quite disappointing. Singing kumbuya now...

Junie Moon

I'm always so surprised when appliances come to a screeching halt as I grew up believing that such things last forever, too.

The lovely photos you've shared offer so many fun new ideas to do. And your blackberry tarts are, I think, my favorite. I love the shapes as well as the fragrance and taste I can imagine just looking at the photo.


Ah, but refrigerators can't compete with beverages stored on ice. We camped out with the ice chests for nearly two weeks when our refrigerator kicked the bucket (shopping for durable goods should not be rushed.)


You could have fooled me ...looks like the 'blueberry tarts' are straight from the magazine! I love MarieClairIdeas ...can't find it in my local bookstore. One day I will have to just breakdown and order a subscription.
Thanks for sharing!


Oh dear, when it rains, it pours!

I've often heard that challenges come in threes, and I believe it, as I've been through similar circumstances from time to time.

Thank goodness for your good humor, and wonderful organizational skills Vicki, but I know it is a bit of a trial. I hope the new refrigerator has arrived by now, and that you really like it.

I love heart shaped anything, but those patries are especially appealing, and speak of caring. I'm sure that your friends loved having blackberries on a chilly day, too.

Ele at abitopinkheaven

The pictures are just so happy!


Those tarts are so cute!
I'm imagining them as a doll house petite treat...
can't help it.


Sorry about the fridge. I agree that they don't make appliances like they used to - I think my parents STILL have their fridge from the late 60's! We also had just about every appliance break recently, all shortly after the warranty expired and they were considered a "better brand". Ha!

Your tarts are so beautiful - it really looks like something out of a magazine. And, can I tell you, your blog is one of my favorite places to go to - I love everything about it and you seem to be such a good genuine person with great talent.

Enjoy the camp-out!


Blog have interesting detail about Kitchen.


I can never get the Marie Claire Idees on time from the bookstores.It's always late:(


I love Marie Claire Idees. I've been trying to find the Spring issue, thanks for letting me know that its out now in the US! Love, love, love the photos!

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