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I want spring.
and cake.


I was just checking out that book yesterday! Have you read Standing in the Rainbow...also very good coming of age story!


Oh Vicki, I remember this "cake" so well. I smiled every time I looked at the cookbook. (It was my mothers.) Oh, such fond memories.
I am so glad that you are seeing signs of Spring. Daffodils are on of my favorite flowers, along with Lilly of the Valey.
Happy Baking! :-)


Again, I have always listened to rather than read her books. I had no idea I was missing recipes!

I like the Betty Crocker cake. THe top reminds me that someday I want to make this:

Lavender Dreamer

I love your sweet surprises! Sure brings back memories!


Just finished the same book and really liked it. I've always liked Fannie Flag this book just tickled me, let me know how Dorothy's cake really tastes!

Junie Moon

Your surprise is indeed a surprise as I've never heard of one of these before (don't want to actually mention it and spoil someone else's surprise).

I've not read the book you mentioned yet but will check to see if I can get a copy at the library.



Your blog is ALWAYS such a nice place to visit! ~Mandy


Thanks for mentioning Nerd in Tartan - I found it hysterical (not sure that's the way this look is meant to be perceived) but hey we all see things differently! Love the surprises, wonderful way to make us all smile.

Linda Jensen

What a sight, spring flowers. I am going home, Clarkston MI in May, my sister lives in lower northern Petoskey MI. I love it there. Loving the spring weather in Seattle, will it last?


I love the surprise! We have a 4th birthday coming up and this may be just the thing.


I'm so jealous that you have signs of Spring. I checked out my bulbs the other day...and nothing.
I so remember that cookbook, I'm sure my mother had it.
Love the "nerd in tartan".


The first flowers of spring always get me excited too! I'm always on the look-out for old cookbooks. That BC one is great! Thanks for sharing it.


How fun...I always wanted a cake like that! There are daffodils popping up everywhere here. A sweet surprise indeed. -And thanks for the book recommendation, too! Once again, I am glad I stopped by.

Diana (Ladybug Limited)

Wow, your bulbs are so much farther along than ours! I had no idea that spring would arrive at different times in the Corvallis area!


I am with you- so thrilled that we have daffoldils blooming here in Tn. :) Lovely pantry labels. They make me want to go organize. Have a nice weekend!


I love that I found this blog--what a treat!

Gayle at Mountain Moma

I live in the northwest as well and can't believe our wonderful weather. I planted primroses today in the planters outside. A bit of color will be nice when the rain returns.


Thanks again for the lovely animals in aprons patterns. I have been obsessively embroidering-from 4-H meetings to long airplane rides. Now that each animal is embroidered and has its apron tied on, it's time to put the quilt together!


I remember this cake and how fun it was to have a box of animal cookies. Remember the little red box with the string handle filled with yummy animal cookies - guess I am really dating myself!!

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