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Lavender Dreamer

It looks wonderful! I LOVE Fannie Flagg books! Wish there was a new one out now! I'm in the mood for some Southern humor!


Looks so yummy - yes, heavenly, indeed!! Not surprising - there is just something magical about that Neighbor Dorothy and her broadcasts from home on WDOT. I've been charmed by her since her little appearance in Welcome to the World, Baby Girl.

I sure could go for a piece of that cake . . . and another Fannie Flagg book . . . right now!!

Nina Nixon

That looks gorgeous, I think I'm going to get the book just for the recipe, caramel is one of my favorites!

Nina x - Tabiboo

KC Quilter

I was so excited to read your post today!! I just finished reading Can't Wait To Get To Heaven and had photocopied the caramel cake recipe. I haven't made it yet but hope to soon. Sounded so darn yummy in the story!!! BTW, about what size was the pan?

REPLY: The heart-shaped pan I used was approximately 8 x 8, which made for a tall cake, so I think it would work fine in a 9 x 13 cake pan as well.


Oh...cake looks so good! I loved that book too, and absolutely MUST make that cake now.

Junie Moon

Your cake looks great and sounds ever so delicious. I'm going to have to go to the library tomorrow and get the book so I can try the recipe, too. Great photos and I appreciate your helpful comments about the recipe and process.


That icing is the best isn't it? It's my family's favorite icing on a white coconut cake...YUMM!


Delicious looking cake!


Oh my goodness that cake looks so darn YUMMY! And pretty too~good job, made my mouth water! LoL! Hope you are having a fun week~Tam:D


Oh my goodness...that looks so yummilicious. I love caramel and how it just melts in your mouth...you have me drooling here, really. Talk about a perfect cake to go with a cup of fresh brewed coffee.


It looks like it was absolutely worth the effort!!


Well I guess it all makes sense..seems kinda weird. keep the faith. heavenly concoction?

I'll have to try it for sure.


Love your blog and the sweet surprises! The cake looks delish too! I've heard good things about the book, it's on my reading list now for sure.


MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! nom nom nom!!!


Wow, can I come over for some coffee and a chat?! The cake looks heavenly!

Melly G

Looks definitely sinful. Love the heart pan!


It looks great! I love Fanny Flagg books!!


This looks so so yummy.


The cake looks so good. I want to make one, put on coffee and invite you over. Then I could thank you properly for all the sweet surprises you have given.


Looks very yummy...I have had a caramel flavored frosting and thought I wouldn't like it but it was very tasty.


Hi Vicki,

I just finished reading this book a few days ago, and I loved it. I'm so glad you posted what pan you used. That's the first thing I wondered about when I read the recipe. I love caramel icing!

Jan Richards (NZ)

I got curious..never heard of this woman here in New Zealand..& the method sounded odd, so I googled the recipe.Isn't google amazing!There was the recipe. Now I didn't make it-hubby did(he's my own Martha Stewart!)& it is really unusual & the frosting isn't like anything we make here. It's yummy:)

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