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I love surprises, Vicki. and chocolate! Love the new banner too.



love the banner! the chocolate mousse looks delish. i think i might have trouble sharing it! looking forward to the surprise too!


Lovely banner - so homey and comforting!


Happy to wait in anticipation, because like your banner, Turkey Feathers is always lovely and worthwhile.


Hi Vicki, I love the new banner! Little birds, little flowers, pink and blue, it's just perfect!

Lavender Dreamer

I love your new banner...so light and Springy! Have a wonderful day!

Jean C.

The new banner is very pretty, very Victorian and romantic!
Chocolate? Did I hear Chocolate being mentioned? Funny, because for some reason I popped in out of the blue!!!! Lol... Looking forward to the "NEW" SURPRISE!

Anet at Purple Squirrel

Your new banner is very sweet. the chocolate mousse...yum! with a straw you can eat, wonderful!
Can't wait to see what's up your sleeve:)

Marla Martini

I love the new banner too. It's so YOU and compliments the blog perfectly, like matching shoes with an adorable outfit.


I do like your new banner, lovely.

happy zombie

I love the new banner. I love all of your banners, but I think so far this is my fave! Can't wait to see your surprise!


We just got a new computer and I'm tempted to find my old keyboard and replace it with the new one....I'm with you change is good sometimes, the new banner is nice.
I'm curious to see what you have cooking.


Oh, gosh, Vicky, that banner is too cute! Do you make these yourself? I can't wait to see your surprise for us! Pop into my blog to see what I've been up to!

Lady M

Oh my that picture has me drooling! I LOVE your new banner it's quite romantic! Your blog is always full of surprises, but I am looking forward to what's up your sleeve too.


i wonder what's your surprise for us? we can't wait!

I'm loving your new banner! so dainty and romantic.


Beautiful header, I love it!


love it!


Banner looks good, can't wait to see the surprise!


Lovely banner, so beautiful and feminine.


I cant wait to see what you are up to now! You're so creative.

That chocolate looked so good. Darn, now I need to go find some.


The banner is beautiful and delightful...such sweetness and gaity. Looking forward to what you've got new in store here...mmm...more chocolate maybe?! ;o) LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))


Love the new banner and now you're teasing us with something NEW - oooH!! the anticpation is tough 'cuz you are always so creative! Cannot wait! (Don't torture us too long!)


I like your new banner, just my style and colors. I am anxiously waithing to see what you are up to next. Whatever it is, I know it will be great.


Love your elegant new banner.
Your desert is right up my alley...trouble is it would stay on my hips for a long time.
Congratulations on your new computer...I agree computers take on the personality of their owners...although I have a hard time believing that you ever complain loudly ;)

Junie Moon

That dessert looks ever so delicious. Now I'm thinking about seeking a source for edible chocolate straws to buy to make a similar dessert at home.

There seems to be a big computer breakdown thing going on lately with lots of folks. I just got my laptop back from being rebuilt. Amazing how non-acess to the Internet drove me crazy. It made me realize my true dependence on the virtual world of information.


I will check back to see what's "up your sleeve". Can't wait! The chocolate mousse looks incredible! I want some!!!


...singin' a song. On the bottom of the beautiful briney, shimmery shiney...(Is that the song you were quoting? If not, oops!)

That dessert looks delicious!

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