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Amy Hanks

Oh how sad! I wasn't a subscriber (some type A thing about pristine magazines), but I loved MEHC so much! I bought it every month. First Blueprint, now Mary Englebreit. What's next?


Ugh! A couple months ago, I send in a subscription card. I wondered why nothing happened. Of course I could have been more proactive and looked it up on the web. Oh, I'm so sad.

Lemon Tree Tami

Oh no! That's just so sad to hear. I've loved buying that magazine from the beginning. Unfortunately I never saved entire magazines, just clippings that I liked. I'll miss seeing all that cheeriness at the supermarket and bookstore magazine racks. Sigh!

Lavender Dreamer

OH NO! I have always LOVED that magazine and cut out every paper doll I could find! Wish now I had kept the old issues! HOW SAD!

Cherry Tree Lane

I hate what the economy is doing to our magazines!!!


The picture with the pink rollers make me smile - remember those from way back when and how they left a crease in your hair. How did we ever sleep with these things?? So sad about the Home Companion. Your collection will become a collectors item!


Very much missed! I got the card, too, and now my little private stash of many years of her artwork, paper dolls, etc. will have to sit all alone on my closet shelf. I loved her creativity. Beautiful eye candy will be missed.


I read about this a couple of months ago on another blog. At that time it was said that ME was looking for another publisher. I was hoping . . . but I guess with the economy the way it is, probably won't happen.

So sad, it is kind of like losing an old friend. Wish I'd kept all of the magazines intact, instead of clipping!


I know. I'll miss it for sure.


I know the feeling -got the postcard the other day. I had heard about it closing down on other blogs but I was hoping it wasn't official - now it is. :( I've saved every one of my copies, too starting with the very first issue. I remember thinking at that time, "wow, this is a great mag for the money - even the ads are artistic."


OH! I figured something was up when I could not find it anywhere. So very sad! I have nearly every issue since it first started. I have collected all the paper dolls from each issue. Such a sad, sad day for everyone.


I too am glad that I have saved every copy. I too was wondering why I could not find the latest issue and was getting ready to subscribe again. I will truly miss this magazine - It was my favorite.


I'm going to cry.

Claudia Hill

I, too, am heartsick. Thank goodness I saved all my MEHCs. I will have to content myself with revisiting all those issues. Hopefully, that will help.


Oh No. I have almost all my old copies, but my girls cut so much of them up and me too for so many projects. Country Home is also done. What are we going to have left??


I have a horrible feeling that lots of our favorite magazines might be going extinct this year. Horrible economy, cutting back all over, subscribers and publishers both. I hear you, Vicki!


I use to roll my hair on those. They were so hard to slooe in....m..


Oh how sad! I wish i had saved my copies. A few years ago I made a book for the paperdolls and gave them to my youngest niece and she still has them. I will miss this magazine so much!


Did they ever say why? I got my postcard yesterday and while I like Martha, I don't want 2 YEARS of Martha. I was totally paid up for quite a while! I am sooo bummed!

vicki haninger

Nope. Nothing was on the website when I checked yesterday. I thought maybe there would be some kind of editorial note or letter from Mary. I'm sure this has been very difficult on their end as well. We're ALL bummed!

two crazy crafters

I'm so sad! Twyla


What a shame!


I'm glad I saved every single issue too. So sad. Country Home is also being discontinued. What's the world coming to? Mimi


worst news ever.... I have every single issue-it's the only magazine out of dozens that I keep. I am so devestated....

Miss Paula

I received my notice yesterday. I am so bummed!!


I actually shed a little tear. There is nothing else like it on the market. Thankfully, I have saved all of mine too, so we can still be inspired for years to come!


I used to get it in the store, then I decided to subscribe when my granddaughter came around selling magazines, only to find out that I had to pick another magazine...sigh.


BTW...I love your new header.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I was so sad too! I hope she'll do more of her books. I was just thumbing through a bunch of February issues for inspiration. She really has inspired me so much over the years.


Oh no! in the netherlands this magazine was never for sale, but my family from the USA used to bring them. We always treasure them and use them for inspiration.
This makes me sad indeed.

Michelle K

I blogged about this awhile ago. I am so very sad. I, too, received the card yesterday stating that I will receive Martha Stewart Living for the remainder of my subscription. The thing that bothers me is that I JUST renewed it. My subscription ended with the Dec/Jan issue. So why did they accept my payment for 2 more years of ME when they knew it was stopping publication?
I, too, have saved all of my Home Companion issues, and I pull them out at the beginning of each season. For example, I just took out all the February/March issues to peruse. I never tire of rereading them.


That's so sad! It's such a wonderful, inspiring mag.


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that cuz that was one of my favorites. i just hate this. cottage living is ceasing production also with their dec 08 issue. Seems like a couple of good ones are closing up and I just hate this. It's sad.


Isn't it strange how they so nonchalantly just sent out notices? In times likes these....OK, in ALL times....it is so important to be able to read something cheerful, happy, and upbeat. Home Companion never failed to delight the eye and the spirit.

Kate of Daffodil Happiness

OH NO!!!!! I'm heartbroken! We don't subscribe to it anymore, but we've been to the grocery store 3 or 4 times, looking hopefully for the February issue. *tear* Oh, thank goodness we've saved some of the older magazines! We haven't saved all, but we have a lot.


That was my favorite magazine!!!! I'm so going to miss it. I didn't renew my subscription last year just picked up the ones I loved from the stand. Now I wish I had.

Marlene Haveron

I can't believe it - you feel the same way I do about the MEH Magazine..i really can't believe it I thinking the very same last night....it brought so much creativity into my home...i am truly going to miss the magazine...I was a subsriber since it started....I wish it didn't end this way...from a fellow MEH Magazine & Style admirer...Marlene :O(


So sad! Last year Home and Garden folded, and now this! Love your blog, ;-)


My heart just sank when I saw that postcard in my mailbox too. So sad. I will truly miss that magazine.

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