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I almost bought that from Michael's last night! Do you love it? Please post some more pics so that I can be sure I don't want one....

Oh, but I really do!


Oh my goodness, I so need one of those in my disaster of a sewing room.


That's a wonderful feature for your sewing room. And the pincushion...yup, I perfectly understand.

Those felt snowflakes are lovely...makes me wonder where I'll see them next.


I got one of the pieces of Michael's Embellishment center for Christmas, and have had a great time organizing my sewing room too! :-) I love the piglet pincushion... so cute!


those felt snowflakes are so beautiful... never seen anything like them.


Me too... I saw the half price cabinet and hesitated. Should I rush back?
It looks perfect with your ribbons and talented piglet.
Those felt snowflakes might make a dear garland for a winter festival.


I always get a bit sad when I have to pack the baubles away, knowing I won't see them for almost a year.

I love the embellishment cabinet, but I don't have a separate craft room and I am out of wall space for now.

Our turkey leftovers are turned to soup on every New Years Eve, gathering with friends and family for the last hurrah of the year.


Oh, your photos today are so bright and so gorgeous! What a visual burst of flavor! Love the little piggy, and yes, I'm feelin' that way, too! Your cabinet looks like just what I need! I bet there'll be a run on them today at Michael's!

Have a great day!


Oh Vicki, Your embellishment center looks great! Makes me want to go to Michael's right now and get one! I feel the same way about putting the baubles away. It is like not seeing a dear friend for almost a year. I can't wait each year to bring them back out. I wish I could keep them out all year long... sigh. Your piglet is so talented, balancing on the ball. How cute is he. Do you have us any reipes for your crock-pot soup in the near future? Have fun ignoring the laundry. :-)


I've been doing some organizing too, inside my home, and inside my brain too. I don't know which needs it the most! LOL!
I enjoyed seeing all your Christmas preparations unfold here, and look forward to another wonderful year at Turkey Feathers.

Happy New Year to you and to your family!


I keep Christmas out at my house in the kitchen (well, and a few other places)I so can't bear it to put my Santas away. Santa has to have some place to work all year, you know...

I LOVE the ribbon with the numbers on it!!!!!

Make a snowflake banner!!! It's still winter...they are so lacy and pretty...you'll find something for them for sure!!!

Your darling piggie is a slim one, so I wouldn't worry one bit. :o)


The photos of your sewing room look great. I am setting up mine and would love some full shots of your sewing room. Your photos are really lovely.


It looks great! I'm trying to get my office in order right now too. Whew.

Also wanted to let you know that my blog has changed locations, and I am having a Grand-Re-Opening giveaway of Jewelry & Starbucks cards, so stop on by if you get a chance! :)

Beata Basik

How bright and happy! It must make you want to be in your room all the time...(Those snowflakes are a real find -- if I had some, I would hang them off the ceiling to make it look like rainbow snow is falling...) Your post is very inspiring -- it makes me want to sort out my room as well...

happy zombie

What eye-candy, Vicki! You have me wanting to run to the dollar store and to Micheal's. Both an hour away in Longview. Well... the weather IS milder (hooray!). The roads are dry. And hubby did ask if I felt like going anywhere today...

Lavender Dreamer

How pretty! I love getting organized after the holidays!


I just got one of those embellishment centers for my studio too and I love it...especially the ribbon dowel storage! Love your ribbons...so colorful and fun looking!!

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