Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I love your new "February blog banner" with Lily! If Grace is allowing names to be put in the hat, then please add mine. HaHa :-0) The socks do look great.
Some times I wonder how you can get it all done. Now I know you are an entertainer. Have a happy weekend.


Cute girl with good hands! :) I don't think I ever thanked you for the embroidery patterns I got from you! I did three dish towels, my daughters and I both love them! I've printed the animals in aprons also! Thanks so so much!


LOVE the new blog banner! SO sweet! ~Mandy


Lily is sooo sweet and I love her eyes, your banner looks terrific! I have been enjoying my copy of your book and so has my 25 year old daughter. Have a fantastic Friday~Smiles~Tam!


Oh, socks, so exciting. I've never finished a pair, but I am still awed by the five-needle thing. I feel like someone in an old movie, someone really calm and domestic, when I knit with dpns.


Ooo...I love your new banner :)
And I'm so impressed by Grace's knitting skill...I've never had the guts to try knitting with double-points like that!
-DianeM :)


Love the banner...and the fonts especially!!!
Happy Weekend to you, dear ~vicki!

Jen Bryant

Today is my birthday. Imagine my delight when I opened my present and it was just what I asked for..."Blanket Statement". It is everything I hoped it would be! Thank you so much for this portal back to a wonderful childhood.
Hats off for a job well done.
Your fan,

Lavender Dreamer

I love your new banner! Your blog is such a delight!


Beautiful banner - beautiful Lily - and your rug is out of this world!!


How pretty! Love your kitty!


Just checking to make sure you received my email requesting the book. Thanks so much.


Wow that's a really fat cat!Or is she pregnant?
Beautiful eyes though.
And a great banner :)

REPLY: No, Lily is definitely not PG--she's been spayed. Her large size has more to do with her breed (turkish van) which tends to be on the husky side. She's also an indoor cat and so less active, but the fact that she has a penchant for pancakes and cheese doesn't help. Being nearly 10 years old, it's hard to deny her those pleasures--which are given--in VERY small quanities.


lovely banner! I'm of checking out the links on your post.


Love the February banner - Lily is truly a beauty! (I love all your banners...okay, I love your blog!!!)

Do tell us more about the rug Lily is sitting on. It's beautiful too! Is it handmade?

(I'm sad too about ME Home Companion - it seems that too many good things always come to an end far too soon!)


She loves pancakes and cheese?That's a smart cat!! If she's ten years old,then give her what she wants,i do the same with my dog.
I love her,she's very pretty :)

Liz Provo

So many things to say....I love your kitty cat Lily. I also LOVE the rug she is relaxing on. AND...I also have a cat with one green eye and one blue eye. That said, I love your site(s).


You are too sweet Vicki, thanks for the kind words. I do have another one started but I have too much on my plate to finish it. I really need to get going on it.


I really enjoy visiting your blog. You've been given the Lemonade Award!


My cat (Harry) has a crush on your cat. She has beautiful eyes!


How do I get an autographed copy of your book? I would love to get one.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love your blog! (PS, I've given you an award! Go to my blog at: http://justdigginaround.blogspot.com/2009/02/and-proximity-award-goes-to.html )

Gabriela Delworth


Just discovered your lovely blog!

I will be back...

~ Gabriela ~


Lovely new banner, Vicki! I'm gonna check out your links now!

Take care. xx

Honey Bend Vintage

Love the picture of the cat. We live in an old house so the vents are big. Our cat squeeze together to lay over the top of it. Always so cozy looking in the winter!


Your stuff is so flippin cute!!!

~ ~AHRISHA~ ~at JoyouslyLivingLife

Love your kitty cat. Just posted about my 2 kittys this week. Hop on over and take a look.
Your little bird in the top right corner is so sweet. I'm considering making a bird mobile but I'm still thinking it through.
Gotta find a few pretty bird patterns.

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