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Donna MacPherson

I LOVE the quilt, and the patterns look easy to trace. Therefore, I would like to enter the APRON PDF giveaway! Your projects are so inspirational!

Thanks, Donna


That's such a lovely little quilt! And each animal with their personal little apron - how cute is that!

Lynn  Harris

I love these embroideries! The animals in their APRONS are just too cute!


I'm totally with you on the UFOs, it's time for me to start finishing up some of these piles and empty out some of the bags of unfinished projects I have lying around. Most are knitting or crochet, but I think I might be in the mood for embroidery... would love to stitch up some Animals in Aprons! Thanks for a chance to win, you're always so generous.


Hi! I love the patterns "Animals in
Aprons"! Cute, cute! They would be
nice on tea towels too. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks!
I love your other site too.



I *love* your little quilt, the embroideries are so darned cute! I would also *love* to be entered in your drawing!


Dear Vicki,your embroidery is inspiring.I love all the colors and how each little apron is a different color and pattern.So sunny and cozy!


Oh my gosh, that quilt is so adorable. I love aprons!


Dear Vickie,your embroidery is inspiring.I love all the colors and how each little apron is a different color and pattern.So sunny and cozy!


How cute...a rooster wearing an APRON! Your quilt has brightened my day! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie White

What a beautiful quilt! The little animals in aprons are adorable!!


Please, please~ I would appreciate winning a copy of the sweet Animals in Aprons; your use of them in the quilt has inspired me :-)


I like how each animal is humanized by wearing an apron.


What a cute quilt! And I've about decided that wearing an APRON can enhance anyone's appearance or any creature's appearance. Aprons are just toooo cool.


Oh that is so sweet! The bear especially - I love the expression on her face. :-)


Please enter me! Your quilt is beautiful!


What a sweet little quilt, love the embroideries and the fabric. Count me in for the "apron" giveaway!


Please enter me in the "animals in aprons" pattern contest.


What a beautiful little quilt! I always enjoy your projects and posts. I'd like to be entered for the Animals in Aprons pattern, please!


I'm sure Olivia will love it; I do! I love the way you appliqued the APRONS, and I really like the colors and fabrics. So cheery.


How absolutely adorable! I am quite partial to the mama bear raiding the honey hive. Too cute!


The quilt is so cute.I think it would make a darling apron for my granddaughter.


That is a darling quilt. I love it how they all have an apron on.


So charming. I think the rooster is my favorite (but I'd stitch the bear and skep one first for my beekeeper husband!).


Your animals in aprons are great. I'd love to have a stab at embroidering these designs.

Cameo @-->-->---


Oh my! These are absolutely adorable. And is that an apron-wearing squirrel I see? Love it!

Green Darner

How sweet!

I love those Animals in Aprons!

an apron lover

ms. incredible

What a lucky little girl Olivia is, this quilt is simply divine. I know how you feel about the short days, such a crushing feeling when daylight is so fleeting and projects pile up.

That said, I would happily add this project to my pile - my own baby girl could use a cute, cozy apron quilt.

Here's to the days getting longer.


Oh Vicki it's beautiful! Your granddaughter will cherish it :)


Hi Vickie!...I have always wanted to learn how to applique and these little Aprons would be a wonderful way to start!...the quilt is so cute...you are a bright and cheery spot in the world!...thanks for offering your give-aways...have a great day!...LuAnn


A.P.R.O.N.! That is just the greatest, cuddliest quilt.

Elaine/Muddling Through

I LOVE it! Your embroideries and the way you combine fabrics with them is always an inspiration.


oh! I was just thinking that maybe a quilted babyblanket instead of a knitted one might reach my grandson before he's 5. How clever to give them all an apron!


The quilt is adorable! Thanks for sharing. Please enter me in the giveaway....Thank you! :)


There's nothing like a cute apron. We all need to tie one on every day!! Such a darling, old fashioned quilt. Please enter me in your giveaway. I'm a beginning embroiderer and would love to give this a try!


I love this quilt pattern with the animals wearing aprons - how cute is this. Aprons bring so many memories to me so this is a must do project.


These days, I always wear an apron when I'm cooking because it seems like the older I get, the more messy I get. :) Your quilt is adorable!

Mary Jane Smith

Oh my, your Animal Apron Quilt is so cute!!!

Mary Jane


Oh so cute!!! This is so dear! :o)


PS...I love aprons of for me...I just ordered 2 patterns last night.


Adorable Quilt
Pretty Embroidery
Retro Images
Olivia's Treasure
Nice Grandmother
... can you find my *apron?*

Lavender Dreamer

Apron Apron Apron! That is just the cutest pattern for a quilt. I have been apron crazy lately! Would love to win! Thanks!


Hi, Thanks for the free APRON embroidery pattern. So adorable. My oldest dd just asked me today to teach her basic embroidery stitches. I get so much inspiration from your blog.


How cute is each animal's little apron....thank you. Your blog is so much fun.


This is adorable. I am working on items for my dd baby hope chest. The babies of the future. WE both love aprons. Thank you for sharing. Your lil grandbaby will love this that is for sure.

Suzanne Chanis

Just took off my apron to sit and have tea and a looksie at fav blogs. Enter me those are too cute! Love the bear:-)


I've been looking for inspiration to make a baby quilt, and now I've found just the thing - animals in aprons! Very cute!


What a nice project for these cold winter days! And what a lucky grandaughter to get such a thoughful gift. I would love to be in the running to receive the pattern. Would love to make one for my own grandaughter.


I love both animals and aprons and your quilt...it is so sweet!


Ohhh...an animals and aprons quilt -- I love it! It's so much better to see something like this actually made up! I don't think the pattern itself gives you any clue as to how cute this is in the end!

I love the colors and the fabrics that you chose! Very "vintage-y". I sew a lot, but haven't truly quilted yet. I'd love to make our baby (due in May) a quilt this time instead of having one made. Perhaps you've motivated me to think more in that direction! If I can finish all of the gifts I'm working on and then the baby clothes that I plan to make, maybe I'll actually make my own quilt this time!

Thank you for the motivation!


Michelle K

This is so sweet! You are amazingly talented. I received my "Blanket Statement" book the other day, and I LOVE it. Thanks so much! I am planning to do a post on it, just as soon as my camera is functioning, so I can add pics.

Oh, and please come by my blog to enter the Cath Kidston giveaway I'm hosting this week.


They look so darn cute I think I will make an apron for my cat. I just can't decide whether to sew it or knit it!

kristin rose

Oh my this is so so cute :)

Debbie Myers

Waaaayyyyy toooooo cute!!! I'd love to get my hands on those apron patterns and do some stitchin' of my own. LOVE your blog !!


Oh , Just love the animals in aprons. I haven't embroidered in years. Would be fun again.

Account Deleted

Hi and happy new year :O)
I would also love 2 win the pattern 2 this animals in apron pdf file, so please count me in.
And once again thank you for sharing your work with us, it gives me so much joy and pleasure.

Kirvil :O)


So nice. Thank you very much.


I just have to enter the apron contest, I think the embroidery mixed with the fabric aprons is just adorable! What a great quilt!


Miss Snips

Wonderful Animals in Aprons Pattern -- I do have a drawer full of embroidery designs but this one is so pretty, the inclination is to add just this one more...


What a really nice pattern, lovely to use for a quilt for my youngest!


What a really nice pattern, lovely to use for a quilt for my youngest!


I love the Animals in APRONS patterns. Too cute! They would make a lovely quilt such as yours or they would also be very cute on kitchen towels.

Please enter my name into your giveaway.

Lisa Martin

Aprons are my thing for 2009!

Sharon M.

Vicki, I love that quilt! Those little apron animals are too cute--I love the bear! Please enter my name!


Animals in aprons...what a great idea! I love how you used different fabrics for the aprons. These would look great on dishtowels, too. I would love to be in your drawing; please enter me. Thanks for all your lovely photos and inspiration!


The apron quilt is adorable. How long does it take you to stitch a block? And do you use fusible to put the fabric for the apron on?

Deborah Robertson

very cute! i hope i am the lucky number. thanks you for all the free patterns you offer. wonderful blog! big hug, deborah

Deborah Robertson

very cute aprons! love your blog, very inspiring. thank you for all the freebies you offer - very generous. big hug, deborah


I love your quilt! I would like to be entered in your give away for the Animals in Apron pattern. Thank you in advance.


Too cute, as always!


I would love to make an apron with a that chicken!


those are adorable! my favorite is the apron wearing rooster :-)


A-Animals in aprons, such a wonderful sight!
P-Pearl cotton and floss, to stitch it just right!
R-Running, lazy daisy, stem stitches too
O-Oh my this pattern collection is cute!
N-Now I cross my fingers and wait - anxious to find out the giveaway fate!

Kate Higgins

Oh, I'm in. Apron! Seriously, I think my mother-in-law would flip for this.


I love the APRON pattern--I will have a new baby granddaughter in March. This is my first grandchild and I have dreams of teaching her to sew and cook, just as my grandmother did for me. My grandmother lived to be just short of 100 years old and in very good health. She always told me that the housework will be there tomorrow, to sew if I wanted to, the work would wait for me. I've followed that philosophy my whole life. She gave me such a gift in teaching me these skills. I love to read your blog and check in every day.


I'll be a Grandmother for the first time in a few months and my daughter wants me to make a quilt. Your Animals in Aprons quilt is exactly what I had envisioned making...something using vintage fabric, stitching ..... and the apron applique on the animals gives it a terrific detail finish.
Thanks for your wonderful blog.


What a lucky granddaughter! I would love to win the apron PDF! :)


I love your little animal quilt with the aprons and would love to win. I want to make the quilt for the baby and I'm actually making baby's mother an apron for her February BD. So it will all tie together. Love the way you put the quilt together.


I would enjoy having that embroidery pattern - wouldn't they look cute on an APRON? You did a wonderful job with the quilt - adorable!


Love the quilt, your blog and aprons!

Jan McDowell

Love those APRON animals. Please enter me in the contest!


You quilt is fantastic. Wouldn't an apron or tea towel be the perfect place for these adorable apron-wearing animals!

Bethany Johnson

Love the aprons on the animals!


Very sweet quilt...lovely APRON animals. Thanks for the giveaway!


It is adorable! I love the aprons they are wearing and would love to copy them for me to wear :)



APRON! I would love to be included in your giveaway! I just started embroidery and adore it! While on my Alaskan cruise, I embroidered several things. My husband said, "Put that down!Come out here on the deck and look at this glacier!" I replied, "Ha! When it stops looking the same call me--I'm just so so happy and content right now!" Thank you for all of your fabulous ideas and pictures!


That is the sweetest baby quilt - so charming!! What a lucky little grandchild you have! You've inspired me to finally finish up a few things I've started (I'm great at starting things, but getting them to the finish point is a different story - there are soooo many things I want to make! Love the animals in Aprons PDF - and I'd love to enter too. Thanks, so much!


What a cute quilt! You are so creative! "Animals in aprons" is a fun idea and I would love to make one for my granddaughter. Please enter me in the drawing.


Since I don't have a BLOG, am I still eligiable? If so, this would make a wonderul quilt for my great-grandchild due soon. Your work is sooo nice.


Adorable! Adorable! Adorable! I want to make one. And the little aprons are just so cute.



Oh, this Animals in Aprons quilt is SOOO cute!!! I have so many friends having babies this next year...it would be a wonderful baby gift!

I suppose begging "Please pick me!!" isn't allowed? ;-)


These are the most charming patterns I've ever seen! I love them and I love wearing vintage aprons; I wore my late mother-in-law's Christmas apron this past holiday.


The Rooster says cockadoodle dooo oh so early in the morning

The Cat says meow meow meow as she drinks her breakfast milk.

The Bear kindly says grr grr grr as he gets his honey

The Dog says woof woof woof as he plays all day.

And they all love their colorful aprons!


I can't decide whether the animals really need aprons (because they aren't wearing any clothes) or if the reason they need aprons is because they aren't wearing any clothes.

Kellie Reynolds

Hello! I love all of your beautiful work, and you've inspired me to begin learning how to do embroidery as well - and I have a favorite vintage APRON that I wear all of the time, so I'd love to have some cute vintage apron-wearing animal patterns to sew on some mixer and toaster covers for my kitchen. So, thanks for the offer!!! Have a great day!


I am a 16 year old girl who loves embroidering. These animals in aprons were just to cool for me to pass up. I would love to embroider them onto shirts and bags for all of my friends!


Oh my gosh! The level of cuteness on this quilt is overwhelming! I adore that the animals are wearing quilts, the flower fabric is so sweet too. :)


APRON APRON APRON!!! Vicky that is the cutest quilt, Miss Olivia will love it ~ I surely do, too!! Have a great day, & thanks for sharing!


I love little animal embroideries and to sew them in aprons is just too cute to believe! Glad to hear your feeling better, the soup looks and sounds delicious may have to try that one this weekend. Thanks for sharing so many good things with us...oh, thought you might like to know that your Sour Cream Apple Pie is now the official pie at our house. My son (26) can make it as well as I can!

KC Quilter

Apron! I'd love to be entered in your drawing! How adorable.

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