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Squee! HI !

Pattie in San Francisco

What a wonderful give away. Thank you for doing this. I can't wait until next week when I can start my hoiday crafting.


Thank you for the giveaway...those patterns are adorable! I'm new to your blog, and I'm so glad I found it. Your work has been inspiring already! Thanks again!

Sharon M.

Weee! Winter-time embroidery fun! Uh, would you mind passing the peppermint fudge?

Amy Marble

Your holiday crafting sounds so fun and I can't wait for the weekend when I can get back on mine.


Congrats to Judy! Enjoy your brownie!


Your day of sewing sounds quite lovely - after a quick nap i think i'll do the same!

Linda Gerig

Love to read your blog. keep up the good work. Linda Gerig

Melissa Ringstaff

I wish I had more time for recreational sewing! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!


These are beautiful. I am fairly new to embroidery (only about a year of experience) but I am really loving it. These would be so wonderful to use.


Your blog is inspiring and comforting! Thank you so much!


OK first off - you couldn't have picked a better winner! Judy will love it, I'm a faithful reader of hers and I really enjoy her! She is the one who introduced me to you from her post a bit ago about your COOL book! --we've talked about you! :) Can I just say thank you for the wonderful emb. patterns!!! I loved them! If you'd like, go see on my blog what I did, I copied you!!! I hope you like. Where is dollhouse bakery? Thanks AGain!


This would be wonderful to win! Those patterns are adorable! Count me in!

Thanks so much for the chance too!


I am so excited to be getting Christmas goodies from the dollhouse bakery!! ~Mandy


Please include me! Thank you!


I love all your things! I can't wait to see the project you are working on all finished!

Carrie M.

Cute patterns! I love reading your blog. :)

Miss VanDroo

What fun this is! Yes, the pattern found the perfect home. Amazing how that happens! Yippee!!! ♥


Oh, goodness--what a sweet little set of patterns! And peppermint fudge...YUM! Now that's something I may have to try my hand at making this year.

Nicole Struse

I am new to embroidery and totally in LOVE with the Pattern Bee site. You have quite a talent! And I love your blog...thanks for the inspiration!


Oh, thanks for the chance to win those transfers...I have loved shopping at PatternBee! In fact, my girls and I have just finished up some embroidered hankies for a certain Papa for Christmas, using transfers we got from you. It seems I may have created a monster in my girls for embroidery. Oops. :)


Watching your blog is fun and exciting. Thanks for all your kindness. Please enter me into your contest!
Vanessa in Upstate NY
butterflyjones03 AT Yahoo DOT com


Just put up a post, http://www.mysecondeducation.com/, about the Christmas bag I made using your tote bag tutorial. It was fun and so easy, thanks for the tutorial and great blog. I love your designs, I am a cross stitcher, learning to sew and hoping to try hand embroidery after the holidays.


how cute!


Hi! (love your blog :) )


Hi Vicki! I am so glad to see that you have time to sew again. I know after "burning the midnight oil" for so long, you must be ready for the well deserved time to sew. I am sure that Grace's delicious homemade double chocolate brownies will give you the energy you need to keep up the good work. Would you mind passing me one please?

I love your transfers. As you know I have several. I am teaching my grand-daughter to embroidery, like my mother taught me. We are having a great time with it. I hope that I am one of the lucky winners. I love your book and your blog. I am so glad that you are there. As before... Keep up the good work!


Sounds like a perfect December - sewing, giveaways, and chocolate. Grace's creations are pretty amazing.


Resting today, but your day of sewing sounds fun. Thank you for all your sharing.


A shy HI!.


Hi! I love vintage embroidery and so enjoy your blog - thanks!


I love to embroidery and these patterns would be so much fun to stitch. Hope I am lucky today!!


Whoa, can I just come and live in your sewing/craft room for a week? You don't need to feed me! I promise to be quiet:-)


Hi from a long-time Kewpie fan!


What a lovely giveaway! Please add my name - I LOVE your blog!


What fun!

Tracy Hathcock

Those embroidery patterns are so cute and whimsical! Please enter me in the drawing....Thanks! :)


Hi! I'm a regular reader. Have had your blog on my blogroll from the beginning. I've even ordered from PatternBee and I ADORE my patterns. How's that for flattery? LOL! Seriously, I love your blog and what you do and I am enjoying this extra bit of fun. Thank you!


Hi from Wales :)


HI! Your giveaways are so generous. What a wonderful spirit to spread.


Those patterns are adorable. I would love to win them! Thank you for the give-aways. Terry


What a cute giveaway - that embroidery is great.


What a fantabulous giveaway -- thanks so much!!!!



I'm shy.


Oh boy, goldilocks is my daughters favorite story. I would love that!


Pleeeze, pleeeeze, enter me to win those lovely patterns. Thanks for your blog which always brightens my day when I come to "visit", which is quite often.
Happy Holidays, Tina


I cant wait to see what you are creating. It looks beautiful

Glenn Bliss

Don't forget about me!


I love those embroidery patterns! Have fun sewing!


I always enjoy your blog and am inspired by all the wonderful little treasures you create!

Julia Sewing Rosie

I Love The KewPies, they are adorable


OMG!! Those patterns are so cute! Love reading your blog on a regular basis.


I love your ideas. Lots of wonderful inspiration.



Lavender Dreamer

I love visiting your blog and seeing what you're making next! What fun!

Bonnie Buckingham

Lovely giveaway! You are so
generous ~~ truly the Christmas

Love Judy's blog too. Thanks for the link.



Darling patterns! I love your blog!


thank you for your in Inspiration!!! Love your blog.


Oh my goodness, I am too pumped! Thank you so much Vicki, I know what the grand girls are getting for Christmas next year.


It is indeed great to just sit and stitch.


I'll join this one, those are cute.


Adorable transfers! You're so generous with these giveaways!


What fun! I'm hoping the Randomness will speak my name!


Great give-a-way :)


Love your blog and visit often, please enter me in your contest. By the way, do you take in paying guests?... Your home looks so beautiful I would love to visit for real and join you in an afternoons crafting!


I have an embroidery of one of the Kewpies that came in a small lot of finished linens from eBay. I had never seen a pattern for it before and now I know where to get one. :)


Ohhh! I love vintage patterns like these. I also love chocolate, if you have any of that to spare!


Oh I would walk over hot coal for those patterns!


I love your blog, its one of my very first stops every day. The patterns are adorable! And I can't wait to see what your project turns out to be!!!!! Have a wonderful day.


Thank you.

laura f

The transfers are so cute!

I just wanted to tell you Blanket Statement is #1 on my Christmas wishlist!

Thanks for hosting such fun contests.


What an awesome treat :-) I have to have chocolate and coffee to sew also, must be a woman thing, lol.


Please include me in your drawing.

Thanks, Sharon C


Hi Vicki-I love your blog and I LOVE your book (purchased from Amazon.) I have been having tons of fun whipping up those felt ice skates for everyone I know! Thanks for sharing your talent,inspirations,ideas and the free give-aways!


Hi! I am a faithful reader, but always a lurker. I really enjoy your blog.


love your blog! Please enter me, thank you.

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