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I stumbled across your blog while searching for some information on an old pattern I found, and am having fun looking around! Lots of cool things to see and to read!


Ahhh! That's awesome! Lurker checking in so I can have a chance at that gorgeous prize! Thanks so much!

louise hatchard

i'd just love to play! x


Oh, my!! I LOVE those books! Yippee for the winner!!! (Keeping my fingers crossed!)


Another (mostly)lurker lured into the open by the possibility of something lovely.


Oh, my!!! I took a break to look for embroidery inspiration on your blog, and what to my wondering eyes should appear....those pictures are glorious! Thanks for the holiday surprises.


Oh, I'm in!

Sharon M.

Hi Vicki! Please throw my name in the hat! :)


Are you kidding? This is great! I read through this post slowly because I stopped to examine the embroidery along the way...only to find at the end that you are giving away the book! Wow. Thanks for a generous giveaway!

Mary Kathryn

How lovely! Please add my name to the hat!



Cute book! Thanks for sharing!


Love the book!


Ooh-eee! What a lovely little book. Would love to toss in my name! - Amy Bauer


I'm a lurker...I get so much inspiration from your blog! This is a fabulous prize, please throw my name in the hat!!!


Your blog is one of my favourites. Lovely giveaway.



I do love those books! I'm curious what your stash looks like, though, if this is one you're willing to part with!

Merry Christmas!

Janna Widdifield

You're blog is so inspiring. The year of 2009 may be an "embroidery" crafting year for me. I am looking for more "hand work" projects instead of all the larger sewing projects I seem to undertake. You have so many great ideas on you blog. Thanks for always posting.


A giveaway, YEA!!! I'll play, any day. Please put my name in the hat. Your blog is still my favorite! I received your book & I absolutely love it! You did a wonderful job. I can't wait to start makeing some of the items.


OOPS... I forgot to leave my email address. :o)


beautiful...I'm in!

andrea d.

i love that book! i'd like to play!

Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Beautiful embroiderly and lovely blog, too, Vicki. Thanks for being such a cheerful giver! Blessings!


I am all for fun prices :) And this is gorgeous!!!

Janet E.

OK! Here's a hello, and I'd love to comment on your blog - I just subscribed, but I love anyone and anything needle-and-thread art and craft, if you get my distinction. I know I'll love being a regular reader. And you are right - the Japanese book is amazing!


Gorgeous :) I really hope I'm lucky enough to win this beautiful book. Thank you for holding this giveaway :)


OMG! This would be like the best possible giveaway ever. like seriously, if my family didn't think I own too many art/craft supplies and books / wasn't a poor college student I would have had this book a long time ago...

I hope I win! :)


Well hello hello hello! :)


Not sure if my last post saved, but this book is gorgeous! Thank you for holding a giveaway :)


Love it love it :) Hello and thanks for the chance to win!


I am trying very hard to be polite. Oh...so yum...and generous!


I absolute love reading your blog and getting inspired to create fun things. Thanks for all the inspiration!


oh gosh. Having just gotten into embroidery again for some christmas gifts, this book looks ADORABLE! I'd love to toss my name in!


ooh! ooh! Japanese embroidery book! Must add to my collection!


keeping my fingers crossed-such a fun giveaway!! thanks for the chance!

Nieka Apell

Holy moly, what a giveaway! Love it!

Melinda B

Hello! Such beautiful embroidery patterns! I have been wanting to learn to embroider. Thanks for holding the giveaway!


I've never seen Japanese embroidery but now will spend hours combing ebay for some of my own.


I haven't embroidered in years, but I know exactly someone who would love the book as a gift.

Christy of MommaOnTheMounain

That is one awesome looking book, and so generous of you to share it with some lucky person! Thanks so much!


Oh the mystery! The holidays always bring out the fun, don't they!?


well i just discovered your blog and i get lots of inspiration form you pictures and ideas. Thank you


What a wonderful gift to give! I would be so honored if I won.
Have a Blessed Day,


awesome blog, awesome book! Thanks for the chance to win.

Amy B.

What a great surprise! Count me in!


I love reading your blog, always something pretty to look at, and what a bonus today!


What a fabulous holiday treat. And I would never shove....I might nudge or clear my throat loudly but never shove.


Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


De-lurking to say 'Hello' and cross my fingers for a shot at the lovely give away :)


I've been thinking so much about embroidery. There honestly aren't enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do. I need to grow more arms, legs, heads, everything - to get what my brain wants to do!


Another lurker here! Checking in to jump up and wave my arms- count me in!

Have a great day!


Oh, i love these books, I'd love to have one. I hope I win!


Those pictures are incredible, of course I'm going to comment! I have your lovely little book (thank you for writing it) and I can't wait to try a few things for presents.


Consider me de-lurked.
What a fun give-away!


What fun, surprise freebies :) I'd love to enter and I promise to behave while waiting in line :)

thanks for the nice giveaway :)



Oooo--how fun and lovely those patterns are! Thanks so much for the chance to win.


Such a gorgeous book! My grandma has been teaching embroidery to me this year and it would be such a thrill to try out those nifty designs. Thanks so much for the contest and, above all, the wonderful blog!


What a generous person you are! A merry christmas to you and your family!


ooooh gawgeous. I heart your blog!!


Oh, you generous woman! You're going to have to give us the grand total of number of comments received for this one, okay? Happy Beginning of the Holiday Season to you!


Wow how gorgeous!


Wow that book looks beautiful xx


OK Hello and yeah I'd love the book! Thank You! I've done 3 dishtowels with your embroidery pattern and LOVE them! My daughters like them too!


Thanks for the chance!


How sweet you are, vicki...
I'd love to play!


I would love to have a japanese craft book. I have never held one in my own two hands and am dying to see if it is as wonderful as everyone says.


I love your blog! You inspire such wonderful craftiness and creativity! Please enter me!


I didn't push anyone...nope. I didn't shove anyone...nope. They lied. Honest. Really. I'm a good (read: deserving of giveaway gifts) girl. Truely...

leslie Hernandez

Hi, Love your blog and your embroidery is great. Hope I win this givaway. Thanks!


I have to have it! It is so wonderful and thanks for doing this!!


What a great idea Vicki. Count me in! This sounds like so much fun.

By the way, you sent me a stack of fabric when you were clearing out your stash a couple of years ago. Your fabrics are scattered throughout my house in little wall quilts, framing cross-stitch flowers, and even in my children's special stockings :)

Maria Rodarte

Wow never seen those books before. But they look fun.


You sew such beautiful little stories!


Such an adorable book - please throw my name in the hat!


This is lovely. I hope I win.


Wow, this is adorable! I would love to win this wonderful book!

Thanks so much :)


What a lovely idea :0 Lining up nicely here :)


what a great book. I have often admired these types of books, but only from afar..maybe after this I can get all up close and personal with one!- fingers crossed!


I love surprises and give-aways!
Thank you so much!


Hi ! :) I'd love to join the fun & enter your awesome giveaway if possible ! I've been reading silently your blog for a good couple of years now (if not more) but of course I never found the time to leave a proper comment. Sorry about that. Congratulations on your awesome book, it's such a big thing to publish your own book ! :) Thanks for hosting this great giveaway ! Happy December ! Best wishes ! *Ü*


What fun! I'll play along!


so cute! I'd love to play along :)


Okay, I usually just lurk, but NOT today! Thanks for the fun!!


It's gorgeous! I love looking at the photos!


Prizes are always good! How generous of you------- I think that means that Santa surely must have extras in his bag with your name on them!!!


Oh my goodness...thank you for all the sharing love.

Lesley Austin

Hello Vicki!

Just today, I told a dear friend that as much as I would like to learn to knit, I think it is too complicated for me at the moment and that I think I would like something simple like embroidery to do with my hands. So when I read your post today, I felt like my little hope was validated...to receive the book would just be icing on the cake!

nicola barlow

hi, wow what a brill festive give away!!! av been following your blog a few week now ( ive only just discovered this wonderful world of blogs ...and loving it , im addicted!!!!


Me, jumping up and down and eager to play along!
Maria, peering over my shoulder,"Oh, you should sew that!"


This is awesome - hope I am lucky.


I am also a lurker love your site. Please put my name into the hat.


Woo! Crossing my fingers, I'd love a copy of this book :-)
xx j


I guess I'm a peeper. Just checking in to say hello and that I'd love to win your giveaway.


Hi there, I just received your new book in the mail yesterday. I love it - all the way down to the bottom of the globe in Christchurch, New Zealand. I wonder if it's the furtherest place for your book to come! Thanks so much - so much eye candy in one little book. I'd love to win your prize and we cannot get any of those books here - as the donkey on Shrek says "Pick me, Pick me"!!


I seem to have a "thing" for all crafty things Japanese. I'd love this. Toss my name around inside ye old hat. :)


This is so much fun! Thank you. I hope I win!


Throw my name in please. I love the little girl and puppy on the same page as the Eiffel Tower.


What a great give-a-away! I'm not so sure that I could part with such a precious book!

Carrie M.

Love the blog!!! Love the giveaway!!!

Jen Tucker

Wow! It would be so amazing to have this book. And thank you for being so generous!

jenny b harris

Ack! Wonderful prezzie! And what a lovely and generous thing to do!!! Smoochies!

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