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Crock pot chili is one of my favorite things to make for dinner during the winter! in fact we are making a giant batch for company this weekend-with homemade corn bread of course!
Hope you are having an awesome week!


Oh, I've been looking for a good chili recipe! And crock pot, even better yet!

We were excited to have a measly two inches of snow here. I want to move up into the hills!


Yes, as in "Woot you like some chili?"

THanks for the recipe!

lily boot

now that makes sense - hot food for cold tummies. I've never understood why they eat such hot foods in very hot climates. Gee your snow looks beautiful!


Thank you for the recipe! Enjoy the snow for me, I doubt we'll see any actually stick this year (EastNC)! By the way, I love your header, it's beautiful!


It looks so cold that only looking at the picture makes me feel cold.


What more can you need in that cozy world of yours?! Thank you for the chili recipe. I'm always scouting for good ones and good ones for the crock-pot...even better.


We got hit with snow last night and I stayed nice and toasty warm by the fire. I made a couple of pies and hunkered down. Your chili looks awesome, thanks for sharing the recipe.

Lavender Dreamerl

The chili sounds good on a day like this! And I just spent some time looking through pics in your dollhouse gallery! WHAT FUN!


And I thought it was cold here at 45 degrees (but windy). It's sunny and the air is really clean, but ouch, it's still too cold for me.


your chili crock pot sounds great i must try it
its so hot in australia
have air con on all day


In Belgium it's chilly, but no white Christmas i'm afraid...
Your banner looks great! Merry Christmas, and loads of crafting fun in 2009!

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