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Very fun and sweet gift ideas!
~Tam :D


What a lovely idea! I love your "olivia" embroidery design!!


That pig is as cute as can be!!!


Adorable. Fun. Lovely.


Congrats to Arlene! I love these fabric balls and hope to whip up a couple tonight. I doubt that I'll be doing much embroidery on them, but yours sure are sweet!


You are so wonderfully talented! I'd love to learn to create things like this!

Elaine/Muddling Through

You and Grace have both done a beautiful job. Inspiring work!

Cathy Santarsiero

Love the dottie pig and the 'Olivia' embroidery! So special. Have a lovely week. Warmly, Cathy ^..^


Oh my, those are so incredibly sweet! The colors, the fabric, the embroidery...these are fabulous!


I wish I had littles to make these for, I wonder how they'd look on the tree? I am so excited as my presents to myself are on the way - a copy of your book and one of Posies'! I just hope I don't have to wrap them and put them under the tree. Have the happiest of holidays. Cheers.


those balls are adorable1 and what a great way to personalize them!


Congrats Arlene! I love the balls. Those look like something I could use in the toy box for the grandkids.


oh how darling:)


You and Grace make the loveliest things and gifts Vicki!

And congrats to Arlene!


Too Cute * I'm thinking there's a polka dot pig in my future, especially since I already have the book. THanks for sharing!!! I'm so envious that Grace inherited your love for stichery/crafting. My two girls, (20 & 22) start many conversations with "ummmm. . . . Mom, can you sew this button on"?? or "Mom, what's a seam ripper??" You get the idea. . . .Love those two to pieces, but crafty, they're not! Happy Holidays to all at The Hanniger Household! Oh, one more thing, I BOUGHT YOUR BOOK! Love it. Got yours & Alicia Paulson's together from Amazon and sat with them together with a good cup of coffee . . . . . total crafty bliss. .


Oh I love vintage cross stitch! Can't wait to see what you make from the patterns you are looking through.

Jen Duncan

Adorable vicki! And just the right touches of embroidery. :-)


cute, cute ideas. Love the colours.



Pink hammie hocks are adorable!

Lavender Dreamer

The colors and designs have brightened my day! HOW CUTE!


How can I not love a pink dotty pig! Too cute!


Wow..they are adorable!


I just love how creative you are, and apparently the 'apple didn't fall far from the tree'. Love the balls, love the piggy (those hamhocks are so sweet!), and your embroidery is so beautiful!

Love your postings - I read it everyday 'cuz it just makes me smile! Thanks.


Oh my gosh! I love the balls - they're great, but the little pink polka dot pig is fabulous!!! Grace should definitely put a couple on her Etsy shop and you're right the ham hocks are perfect! Well done Grace!!

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