Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I got my book from you today!!! I have LOTS of books but I tell you this one looks like one of the best. It has so many ideas I want to do, and I love the picture of all of the projects together. You did a great job and should feel very pleased with yourself. You are inspiring much fun and creativity.


I am starting to regret thinking I should wait and ask Santa to bring me the book... I feel like I am missing the party!


Your back must be just killing you after getting all of those ready to go. I love the colours you used for the bookplates. Happy Birthday to Grace!

Yes, November has simply flown by and Christmas is fast approaching.


Love your book-it is on my Santa list! I checked it out online-had to have a sneak peek-couldn't help myself! Lol! I love it-very inspiring!


I got my book already too! It's so sweet! I love everything about it and agree that you did a fantastic job. I've been collecting felt scraps to make some of the little stuffies for Christmas presents. Thank you so much for putting it all out there!


I'm a lurker but have to say, I LOVE that cat of yours! Cute picture.


I never thought my baby would grow up, but they do. I keep looking through your book and can't decide what to make first.

Laura Bray

Happy Birthday to your daughter! We share a birthday!


Happy Birthday Sarah(sweet Ginger)! Also,looking forward to receiving your book! ~Mandy


cool, i might have to steal inspiration board idea! :)

I like the skirt!


I'm excited about the book too, and I sure appreciate the time you've taken to autograph one for me, and taking care of the shipping too. That is so generous of you. I'm looking forward to seeing your book very much. Honestly, I couldn't be happier or prouder for you, than if I'd written it myself!

The inspiration board turned out very nice. I've always liked checks. I like the skirt too.

Many Happy Returns of The Day to our sweet Miss Sarah!


Thanksgiving mood and reflecting on gratitude... it brought me here, where I always find reason to feel better about the world and inspired to play! Thank you. May your Thanksgiving be abundantly good.

Jen Duncan

I got my book a week or so ago. Vicki. It is SO well done. After doing one tutorial on my blog yesterday I can't even imagine all the time it took you with the samples, photos and write-ups. You deserve every cent you make from this fabulous book (and then some, is my guess!).
Have a very happy day tomorrow.


How wonderful! I haven't been reading many blogs these days so I had no idea you published a book -- it looks lovely, as does your blog every day. :) Congratulations to you, and may you continue to make many more wonderful projects and share them with us! :)


With everything that's wrong with the world being hurled at us daily, your blog is like sunshine! Thank you for keeping it positive and hopeful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Vicki!

Michele C

Amazon just delivered a copy of your book to me today! It looks so darling. Your book, Alicia Paulson's, and one on a handmade holiday season are going to be keeping me company these next few weeks! Congratulations on your book getting to print and out to us crafters! -- Michele


Oh that Lily, she kills me with cuteness every time! Grace has such a cute style. Love her outfit.

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