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Wonderful bookcases your husband built...you're so lucky! We just have Ikea cases 'cuz of the cost to custom build. I love how it wraps around.


That looks totally cozy! I can see myself totally curled up with a good book... lovely thoughts! I love those bookcases! Your husband did a great job! You're a lucky girl! ;o)


There's never enough bookcases in a house! Those are great (and I love the idea of hiding his stuff behind a curtain, must remember that in case I ever need it!

miss paula

I am liking that bookcase! We are about finished here at our house. All we need is the window treatments and I think we are finished.

Saturday is the garage sale for all the old stuff!!

Beautiful flowers!


I love Jane's kitchen too, and your new look is very pretty. I love the warm cozy look that it has. We have 6 floor to ceiling bookshelves downstairs, and it still isn't enough. I'm going to have to edit again. It's so hard!
I've been buying a few lampshades to cover with fabric. I covered one with fabric I salvaged from a vintage apron that was well past it's better days. It had a nice spot, perfectly sized for the lampshade. I put it on an old bridge lamp in my bedroom. I really like the way it turned out. Your lamp looks really nice!


I always feel so happy when you show us your house. Thank you. Please, show us more.


I'm in love!!! If I landed in your couch, I would probably never move!


It's so funny that while you are showing us corners of your own home and then sharing with us your inspired sites, I'm sitting here thinking that you home looks like something out of a magazine. And I'm wishing I had that. My home feels years away from being perfect. At the moment I'm trying to find a perfect couch (thrifted of course) to replace dh's single days couch which is dark blue with burgundy and yellow (shuddering).

I love your photos and your book case just makes me smile. I'd love one like that. So inspiring.


That is a very cozy little niche you have there. I could really see myself sitting there, quilting with a cup of tea, and watching "The Young and the Restless" especially on a rainy dreary day like today.


Ooh that's lovely! I want to move in! ;)


Oh my, it all looks so cozy and lovely! I could curl right up with a book on your sofa and be quite content :)

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