Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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It's like a tonic or a satisfying stretch... just a few minutes visiting Turkey Feathers renews my faith and makes me glad.


You do such beautiful work, and I love your blog. Thanks for the dishtowel tutorial. Can you ever have too many towels? I think not. Oh, if you need any help with that peanutbutter cup, pick me!

calamity kim

Oh, Vicki! That is so sweet! I might just have to make one for my Sister for Thanksgiving! I love the script- very pretty! I am going to link to this on my Blog if that's OK with you? I spent all day packing away Halloween! I only have two tiny mice breaking a wishbone (they are dressed as pilgrims) from Hallmark as Thanksgiving decor. I am just not into turkeys or cornucopias, though I used to have them. I just can't take the clutter anymore!
Anyway- Thank you! for another wonderful embroidery design!


Oh, I love it!


Lovely! I always feel warm and cosy when I leave your blog. mmmmmmmm. How many strands of floss do you recommend using?


Congratulations on your accomplishment! And also thank you for the free patterns. I have wanted to buy a felt needle case from Cath Kidston for the longest time, now I can make one. You're the best!


That is so pretty! Thank you for the free pattern. I think I may give out embroidered towels for Christmas, I have been really into making them. They are fast and something is so much more homey about them.


Thank you so much for the freebies! After seeing your gorgeous redwork version I am inspired! And I don't care about my stitching backsides but wow, yours is so neat I do feel a little embarrassed.


What a sweet towel! You have inspired me to work on some crafty gifts. Thanks so much for the pattern.

debra cooper

This is so pretty! I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing your design and beautiful handwork!!


Thanks so much for the tips for the fabric strip! I'm making day-of-the-week towels for my grandma for Christmas and I think I'll have to add fabric to the bottom!

debbie h

You are such a sweetheart to give this patttern as a free download. Blessings to you! Both Patternbee and Turkey Feathers are constant source of domestic bliss and homey comfort.
Thanks again~Debbie


That is really cute! Thanks for sharing! Karen


Vicki thanks for that lovely download--I only hope I can make it as pretty as yours! Your daugther makes thee best treats:-)

gina kahle

how many strands did you use for the stitching?

Reply from Vicki: Since this is of interest to several others, I thought it might be helpful to add a note here.

I used 3 strands for the bird and the lettering, and four strands for the flourish. Happy Stitching!

Mount Mercy Me

Thank you Vicki. I love the the Thanksgiving cheer -- and the lovely instructions. I can't wait to make one to have -- and maybe another to give!


This is probably a silly question, but would I use to trace, if I were to use the free download? All that's coming to mind is carbon paper, and I'm sure that's not right.

jacoline (lien)

Thanks this is great. I like to make one or more.


Thank you so much for the freebie! What a gift! I can't wait to embroider my own dishtowel (love 'em!!) From what I can see in the photo, your workmanship is beautiful - even the back side!

Kate Brown

Ok Vicki...two things...first, I want a girl so she can craft with me and make me giant peanut butter cups! My son can't even make his bed. Second, your redwork towels are adorable. I've been working on a redwork thing. I'm not sure what ultimate form it will take, but it's gonna be cute! If I ever finish it, and the 20 other projects I'm working on. Guess you could say I have a hard time focusing...

Cathy Santarsiero

Vicki! Such lovely embroidery! Your daughter is such a love for making you that extra large pb cup!


Very beautiful handiwork Vicki! That giant peanut butter cup is just too yummy!

Congrats on 500 posts. Love the towel love. Thanks for so much inspiration.


Hi I love this...it is amazing. I am buying some flour sack dishtowels today to start this on!


That towel is beautiful! I looooove redwork. Everyone *needs* another kitchen towel when it looks like that!

And I loved your spider post. You are not alone. I KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that I am one of "The Hunted." When I was about 15, I was sleeping in a top bunk in a cabin at church camp. I woke up in the night only to find that a spider nest had hatched and hundreds of spiders were drifting down onto me!!!!!!!! I was frozen! Aaauuuggghhh!


congratulation on 500 posts! :) the dishtowel is fantastic!


Thank you for the pattern free-be. Very cute!


Lovely dishtowels!
I am one of those people who ask top see the back of your work...I try to keep my own nice and neat and it still sometimes ends up looking a bit sad. I always worry that things will unravel in the wash. I try working over the thread on the back side or stitching under the thread to end a section or part of a design when I need to re-thread or change color. Thank you for sharing so may beautiful examples of your work and for inspiring all of us. Love your pattern shop...


I love this embroidered towel! Your work is absolutely beautiful. I love your blog. I read it everyday and I will hopefully order some of your patterns soon!


Just gorgeous! Makes me want to get out my embroidery supplies :)

In case anyone wants to know, the fabric you used is from Allspice Tapestry by Joanna Figuerosa and Lisa Quan for Moda. I know because I bought the same jelly roll strips, then fell in love and bought more fabric, then realised that some of the fabrics were the perfect colours for my house so now I'm using them to help pick paint colours!


I think the towel is beautiful too, but I really like the look of the peanut butter cup. Do you think your daughter would give up the recipe? Thank you!!


Thank you for all that you do to inspire crafting women everywhere! I can't wait to get out the floss! Many blessings to you and yours, Karen

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