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Oh boy, does that pie ever look good!

I haven't listened to Prarie Home Companion in a long time. Thank you for the link to the archives. I will enjoy that. My computer is in the kitchen, so I'll most likely be listening as I cook, or do some crafting at the kitchen table....a perfect way to spend these cooler, rainy days.


Looks so yummy. I love fall.


Yum , I can almost smell the goodness of those pies. I might try the recipe with the crust on the bottom.


Apple pie & ice cream... Could life get any better? Your pies smell great! I'll take a piece of each please. :-)


oh that looks delicious! mm mm!


Looks yummy. I made a Sour Cream Apple Pie last week and it was great. Right now I've just been lazy. I dip some sliced apples in caramel and just go to town!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

YUMMY!!! Tis the season for these wonderful comfort food recipes to find their way out of the ol' recipe box!



They look so good! I listen to Prairie Home Companion on our PBS radio too--I just love that show! Did you catch the movie with Meryl streep in it?


That looks scrumptious! A little bit of Ice cream and coffee.....Yum!!!

I have never heard of Prairie Home companion, I'm on my way to the archives..thanks for posting them :)


A perfect fall treat!

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