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OMG!!! I am dying laughing at the same time I've got chills up my spine! Spiders scare the fook out of me too!!!! AND, and, I had a nighttime experience similar to yours! One night I dreamed, DREAMED!, there was a spider next to my pillow. I woke up, turned on the light and searched, no spider. The very next night I felt "something". Woke up, turned on the light and there it was, exactly where it had been in my dream! Now I am really creeped out because that sucker was probably under my pillow the first night, I can't recall if I checked there or not!! OOOOOH!!

Your milk carton ones are just adorable though, maybe we'll do that for next year.


I absolutely love this story!! So funny and so true for me as well! I hate spiders. Love the ones you made and I love the photo of your adorably kitty on the lookout.


i agree these guys are cute but i really hate spiders thats why my dog ben is trained in eating them! cats and dogs are just great as bug killers!


~Funny spider stories! Merry Halloween!~ Mandy


OMGosh...I am ROFLOL at your description of the spider incidents....by the way I came over to meet you from As Time Goes By blog.

I'll definitely be back after this post. Oh, I actually came to see the adorable spiders you made....they are great!!!


Hilarious! I am dabbing my tears laughing so hard! I too HATE spiders and this story reminded me of a few scary times I've had with them too. Thanks for sharing this. It totally made my Halloween a little less frightful!


Oh my goodness! You poor thing- I totally understand your dilemma, as I am also EXTREMELY tasty to spiders...the hubby and I can sleep in a nest of them, and I'll be the only one to wake up having been chomped apon! Lol, I am impressed you can even go into their lai...I mean, your office... Happy Halooweenie :)


Wow love that cat photo.


Gawd! I hate those creepy crawlers. There's been some scary ones in my house...now, I am freaked by what you said about under the pillow. I have a very real fear of losing my eyesight (I have retina problems that can't be fixed and legally blind in one eye since forever) and, every time I think about it I think about spiders...they could be crawling in my hair, in my bed and I wouldn't be able to see to kill them...that freaks me out bad.
okay, back to imagine happier things.


I love this post. I'm still laughing. I can totally relate. If I see a spider in my bedroom as I'm getting ready for bed, my husband has to get rid of it before I can go to sleep. Otherwise I won't be able to and I'll keep wondering where that spider is all night long.


Safe from all things creepy-crawly, I hope your Halloween was sweet!


I couldn't help but laugh at your spider story! I, too, have found them under my pillow . . . very disconcerting to say the least . . . makes my skin crawl.

My Mother gets the prize for spider phobia. She can tell if there is a spider behind a piece of furniture WITHOUT seeing it. And she is usually right, but you need a magnifying glass to see it. I don't have that kind of phobia, but I still don't like them at all!

Good picture of the cat on watch.


What is it about spider that scares the begeezus out of all of us (as evidenced by all of the about comments)? I HATE spiders too. Any spider found in the house is a DEAD spider!!

On that note, however, your 'Kooky Spooky Spiders' are too cute! I'm going to try to make them from your tutorial. Thanks for sharing. And...your picture of your cat on the stairs is adorable!

Jean C.

I'm with you! Spiders are alright as long as they "STAY" outside! But once they come into my house... they are fair game! And I will try to hurry them out the door! But that just doesn't always work! I won't tell you spider stories... cause to tell you the truth... you've had enough of the little critters!
Point the cat in the right direction!!!! And put him/her to work! Hang in there. I must say, after being frightened... you really are brave to make the fake ones! I only say that because knowing me, I would probably scare myself silly thinking it was a real one some night!
Hope your Halloween was less eventful!


We get spiders that come in every fall, as the weather turns colder here in Colorado. Here is my remedy for keeping spiders out of your house- Go to your local home improvement store, and buy a large container of Ortho Home Defense Max. It comes with a hose thingy, that you can walk around with to spray easily. Spray it all around the outside of your house, like anywhere spiders and bugs could get in: window frames, doors, vents, crawl spaces, screens. It's also safe for indoor use, so I respray the insides of said windows and doors, as well as corners, laundry spaces, and back behind stuff where they may lurk.
It seriously works miracles! Do it twice a year, and presto! No spiders! It's the same stuff the exterminators use, for literally a fraction of the cost. It's kid and pet safe too. Sleep better, and no more surprises!

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