Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Love Grace's tights and that skirt! The book looks wonderful! I am thrilled for you. I'm still making lots of baby quilts and am now getting into sashiko. Always something new to learn!


You HAVE been busy! I was laughing about the pellet stove "ordeal" I have a story about that too. Congratulations on the book, I can't wait!


It took me awhile to get the hang of my Pazzles paper cutter, but now I love it and use it all the time. It was very daunting at first though, so I can relate! I too am anticipating the wool project book. I've been reading your blog since day one and followed the blanket projects as they were presented, so I'm especially excited about it all too!


What great neighbours you have. A box of apples, how nice. I do love the rich colors and everything about Autumn. Grace's skirt and brown tights are indeed lovely. To be holding YOUR book in your hands... congratulations again. I can hardly wait to read it. I am looking forward to seeing the new projects for us stitchy friends.


Your book does look wonderful. You do very great work.

Lesley Austin

Dear Vicki,

It must be thrilling and momentous to hold your very own book in your hands....I am so happy for you!

Winter Solstice is one of my most favorite books. The characters and insights in it are satisfying and real (or as close to real as we like a novel to be!). Thank you for reminding me to read it again.


I just have to say that you are a very eloquent writer. I love all of your posts. No one left me a box of apples today but nevertheless I'm going to try the Sour Cream Apple Pie that Alicia had on her blog. Apples are one of my favorite Fall comforts.

jen duncan

That book looks REALLY cute. Can't hardly wait to see it. Congratulations!!


~Your book looks like it is going to be fabulous! I am happy and excited for you!!!! ~Mandy

Lisa W.

How exciting! I am so happy for you! Can't wait unil it comes out. :-)


That book looks totally adorable and if I leave you 1,000 nice comments will you send me an advance copy:-)))))) Seriously, congrats on its completion, you must be tickled pink! We love our brown tights here too and we must be kindred spirits because Rosamund Pilcher is one of my fav's too--loved The Shell Seekers.


Very exciting time for you, congratulations. I too can't wait until it comes out.

jenny b harris

Oh the book! The book! How exciting!!! And I love Winter Solstice, too. In fact I own extremely well-read copies of every one of her books. They are perfect for putting one in a cozy creative mood.


Your book looks like it is going to be a wonderful one, Vicki. Congratulations!

That first photo is sure a pretty one. We've been enjoying Gala apples here. They're so tasty, and I've always loved the name.

Grace...ooops, I mean Sarah has such a lovely sense of style, in everything she does, just like her mama.

I liked that Rosamunde Pilcher book too. I love all the little details she shares in her stories. I always feel like I've walked right into her beautiful world.

Heidi Woodruff

Years ago one of the first blogs I read was your blog...I loved following the Blanket Project. And now you'll have a book about that project! Congrats! I can hardly wait to read it, and even use it make things!
(I'm in Oregon, too. Southern Oregon Coast)

Kate Brown

I have a wonderful Swedish apple pie recipe that would be awesome with those apples....

Just let me know if you'd like it?!


Congrats on your book! You have made me want to re-read Winter Solsitice and The Shell Seekers. Enjoy your apples...they look yummy!


What's a good idea this book !!!
I hope to see (and to have !!) it over the sea !
Elisabeth (from France)


Well I'm on the lookout for cotton tights too. And I also must add my vote for Rosamond pilcher, she is a wonderful author. And so is her son Robin. When you get the yen to read it again. Give yourself a treat and listen to it on Audio. It is wonderful. Take care and have fun with your book, it looks wonderful.


Apples are nice. So our brown tights.....

Cathy Santarsiero

Looking forward to your book. Have a lovely weekend. Warmly, Cathy ^..^


oh my gosh, your book!!! will copies be for sale? and ohhh yesss, we love brown cotton tights over here too.


Nothing says 'fall' like a box full of apples and apple pie! Yummo! Can't wait to get my hands on your book and then I'll sit down with a wonderful cup of tea and a piece of apple pie ...pure bliss!


Oh I can't wait for your book! Thanks so much for being such an inspiration! I've put an award for you on my blog... Come take a peek.

Blessings, Patti


Thrilled your book is so close to completion!

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