Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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bs honey

I'm so happy that you are feeling better. Isn't it just miserable to be sick, and want/need to be doing so very much?
Just take care of yourself.

Joyful Abode: Domesticity by Trial and Error

Yay, how exciting that your toy came!

A note: I tried to cut felt with mine (I'm still in the experimentation stage) and it didn't work too well... I think I need to get the fabric mat (the red one which is way stickier than the one that comes with the machine) and/or stabilize the felt maybe by ironing on some interfacing to the back.

Cardstock cutting is awesome though....

Have you tried it yet?


So, glad you are feeling better. hopefully this means you have paid your dues and won't get sick again this winter.

Great toy, It will be fun seeing what you do with it, you are soooo creative, and fun to watch :)


Glad to read that you're feeling better. I know of quite a few people who have caught this nasty bug. Take care and everything will get done in due time.


I was googling for something fallish to do with felt and came across this...

What a wonderful idea, thanks!


Being sick is no fun at all, I'm glad you're feeling better.
Congrats on your book project - that's huge undertaking.



Oh your new cutter looks fun! i can't wait to see the projects you do with it!

and oh the local high school marching band! i was in that, way back in the day! love to the heart of the valley <3


I am SO glad you're feeling better!! The flu is the WORST. Can't wait to see some projects with the new cutter! :D


Glad your feeling better. I too can't wait to see what comes out of that cutter.

David Santos

Great posting!!!!

charlotte lyons

Happy to hear you feel better and that your book is shaping up too- that is very exciting! Big birthday month here too....xoC


I am so glad you are feeling better! My birthday is this month too. Looks like you have a great new toy. I can't wait to see what you make. :-)Sorry it dosen't wash dishes or cook. :-( I am looking forward to finding a machine that does that too. Ha Ha If I find one, I'll let you know. Keep up the great work. Happy Birthday!


So glad that you are feeling much better! The bug is starting to travel through our family, but so far I just have the sniffles!

Your new toy looks like fun and I agree it's just the right size.


Happy to hear you are feeling well again and can get busy playing with your new toy!
~Emily in Norway


hello, j' visited most of tone blog, it is splendid j' like much, thank you for this visit
bises de france


I'm sorry to hear you'd been ill - but I'm glad to find out you're feeling much better now, Vicki!

What a fun new toy, you and the girls have found. Can't wait to see what you creative ladies will find to do with it. Enjoy!

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