Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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What a yummy bouquet!
Glad you enjoyed a sweet birthday.


Another practical Virgo checking in to continue with birthday good wishes to you, Vicki! I *enjoy* being a creative, practical person - it's keeping all the other "yahoos" in line that gets me sometime!


What a beautiful bouquet! Happy Birthday!


Another Virgo wishing you Happy Transitions. I hope the practicalities don't get in your way. I look forward to your next post. :)


Yum! Pancakes for dinner sounds good to me--no excuses needed!


Happy Belated Birthday to you! I've been down with a bug and missed checking in here. Your birthday flower bouquet is so pretty. Good luck with the practicalities and the plumber!


Just another one of your chocolate chip friends stopping by to say "Happy Birthday!"


I've furnished half my house with stuff I found on CL. Pretty flowers!


cosmic espresso eclairs! sounds good to me!


Happy Birthday to you.


I love your blog! I found it through another one and have been so inspired by it. Thank you for sharing all that you do!! I love old embroidery too.


My kids love it when we have pancakes for dinner. Your birthday flowers are beautiful! I've been working on the baby quilt pattern I ordered from you, its turning out pretty cute!

xox michele

Lorie McCormick

Let's hear it for pancake dinners! I'm so with you on that. Busy times call for drastic measures! Love the little CRAFT detail on your header. Very cute!


I like the sound of those eclairs...guaranteed to bounce me off the walls pretty quickly. Your bouquet is lovely. Your pancakes look yummy but I think I really like that quilt they are on top of.


Your blog always looks so yummy! That quilt caught my eye. Did you make it?


It's my birthday too! Yeah for Virgo's!


We need an excuse to eat pancakes for breakfast??? Uh Oh.

Happy Birthday. :o)


I just bought a coffee table off cragslist, its like a treasure hunt!


Happy Birthday! I am a Virgo, too. My birthday was 9/9.

Craigslist is great! We bought bunk beds for the two granddaughters. They love them.


Happy belated birthday V! I can only dream of clearing out that much furniture! But we are definitely in the mood here, our cluttered garage is calling my name.

And thanks for linking to those cute slippers on the Home Companion website, I forgot about those and I love them! xo


When I'm feeling low this is the place that always makes me feel better. Thank you for your gentle ways and inspiring ideas! And Happy Birthday to you too!

Cathy Santarsiero

We love breakfast for dinner :)
Happy Monday! Cat ^..^


Happy Birthday, Vicki - a few days late, but still a heartfelt wish for a very happy year ahead for you!
The flowers are beautiful. I have a sudden craving for pancakes now...;-)


Happy Birthday! The flowers are beautiful!

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