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Such a beautiful beach shot- that's my kind of relaxing!


Lily is an absolute beauty! And so brave - killing spiders??? Wow, I think she must be Wonder Cat! That kitty-girl needs a cape!


Ahh.. Relaxing time at the beach! Could there be anything any better? And to have Lilly bravely take care of your domain too. How lucky!

Cathy Santarsiero

My favorite kind of relaxing weekend, spent at the beach. I don't know why I always 'think' I will read, stitch, paint, whatever when it never seems to happen on those *rare* lovely weekends. Give me a zip loc bag and let me walk on the shore and I could spend hours just walking and picking up beach glass and shells. Even better if there is a best friend to share it with...Welcome home and have a happy week! -Cat ^..^
p.s. glad Miss Lily is earning her keep!


Lovely pictures! I feel transported. And a spider-catching girl cat - how lucky can you get?!


I can't wait for your book! For myself and for my sister-in-law who is still trying to use up the yards of silk fabric from her wedding gown.


hee. hee. your cat is so cute! :]


I'm working on the dishtowel patterns I ordered from you, sew cute.


~Love the pictures of Lily!~ ~Mandy


The beach looks lovely. Glad you got some relaxation.

Our dog Karma just rescued us from a HUGE spider yesterday. Hurray for spider killing pets!


Lily is beautiful. I like your stitchery and my mouth is watering for some of that apple pie.


Lily rules! She is so beautiful. Love your first picture...you look so relaxed and contented.


Ahh, that is the life! What an idyllic beach vacation! :)

Jean C.

Seems to me your feline friend rates an extra treat!
Good for you on the book... keep it coming!
Enjoy the close of Summer, seems to speed by doesn't it?

paula luckhurst

Good to see you are back. I was already missing you.


That looks like a heavenly place to relax! What a wonderful photo to have in the winter times...


That's my kind of relaxation :)


Hey, great gams there on the beach! I like sitting on real furniture at the beach. Maybe it's my pudginess, but I hate sitting on the sand. You look absolutely comfy and relaxed..great shot. Lily is a real beauty and has those kind of haunting old soul eyes that some cats get. Great to see you feeling fine and having some fun!


How relaxing. I've been seriously thinking of homeschooling. hmmm. Niki


Well, I'm glad I checked in! I'm inspired AND encouraged. We're just getting started with homeschool, our 3rd day, and I think we're going to make it! If I work it out right, I should be able to sit, listening to the kids' BJU teachers with them, and do some of these wonderful inspiring projects! I wish I had the vacation, too!! Karen


Lily is my Golden Retriever's name. Great name for a pet, don't you agree?


love looking at all the beautiful colours of embroidery thread....

sweet Lily...

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