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It's funny how I'm completely ready for the Fall season to take over, but never once had I thought that flowers would soon fade and in place we'd have brown, dried up autumn leaves to look forward to. I will have to try my best so that I appreciate the spring/summer bloom before they have disappeared completely.


I love your little drying blooms. They're quite a beautiful token from the summer.

What a great idea to visit gardens. I need some inspiration! We have nothing in our yard but potential. :)


What a sweet remembrance of summer. :)

paula luckhurst

I always keep all the roses my husband gives me, dry them and then a put in a box.


what a great tour to take yoru kids on! I should look into seeign if we have anything liek that where I live... My husband and I keep bees but its our first month of it!


Ah sweet memories! That is what keeps us going. The makeing of new ones, and the looking back on the old ones. I hope you always enjoy each season as it comes, and goes.

Gumbo Lily

The last days of summer are bittersweet, aren't they? Your rose petals remind me to go gather the last ones off my rose bushes.



Your photos are so lovely! What a wonderful tribute to the end of summer.


These are all such pretty images Vicki. I love the combination of the colors of the petals. It seems like yellow isn't a color we see often in the blog world, but I really like it. I noticed your tablecloth is yellow too, which looks so nice with that charming tart! LOL! Oh gosh, I just realized, that if there wasn't an image to refer to, that those last words I wrote could make folks wonder a bit!

We can all make a difference in so many ways in this world, one small step at a time. You are a wonderful example of that.

Take care.

Cathy Santarsiero

Love those small victories :) Have a happy weekend! Warmly, Cathy ^..^


I love the colors of the flowers. What a nice way to preserve flowers and the memories they represent.

Redwood House

how lovely to keep the flowers from a loved one, my dried flowers always seem to go slimey and horrid!! love your blog.


I'm really hoping to find some organic & natural living tours in our new area as well (San Antonio). :) How much fun is that? :)


Gorgeous picture of the drying blooms. What a spectacular way to capture summer memories.

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