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We had just a few blackberries this year(none last year at all) but they were tiny, bitter things. I'm debating tearing the vines out(they are along our backyard fence and driveway) but ever hopeful next year's crop will be bountiful.

I could NEVER tire of blackberry cobbler!! Never!


How very lucky you are to be in a neck of the woods with such lovely blackberries! We have many types of berries here but none of those around us. Your cobbler looks delious as can be!

Bean Paulson

we're having parallel summers - something keeps nipping & killing all of my squash and beans, but the blackberries are in their usual splendor - they never disappoint! I'll have to try a gluten-free cobbler tomorrow :D


Looks wonderful. Blackberries are called Brambles where I live. And there's nothing like a Bramble and Apple pie. yummy


I love your posts :o) They are filled with gorgeously yummy pictures. I'm swooning... especially over that cobbler. Keep pickin' those berries!


That blackberry cobbler looks like heaven, especially with that vanilla ice cream ! Oh my !


Oh that looks sooo yummy!


We have an abundance of blackberries here too. Just made some delicious freezer jam.

paula luckhurst

I made a mistake: I wanted to post my comment here and posted it at Little bird bag. Sorry.


Regarding what to put in the little purse, how about a little change purse with some embroidery to match the purse and a little velcro closure for little fingers to open and put in a penny or two?

Wonders Never Cease

Can there be too many blackberry cobblers?
How I envy you! It's my absolute favorite! Even with the little seeds!


Voles= aggravation
Blackberries= love peace and hope
... nature can be a tough one to figure out.


When my parents moved into their home 40 years ago there was a wild blackberry bush behind the house...we used to make cobbler and other good things from those berries. Now the trees around it have grown and there is too much shade for it to produce.
My husband had a mouse in his engine and had to have it cleaned out...poor little mouse.


Oh dear, I sure hope that the creepy crawly feeling has gone away, and that you're ok. A friend of mine caught poison oak one time, and it was not a pretty sight.
Those blackberries sure are though. I think they are the prettiest of all the berries, and that cobbler......my mouth is watering over here!

Take care, Vicki.


I hope it wasn't poison oak. There are much more comfortable excuses to take tepid oatmeal baths.

I was surprised when I found out that the wild blackberries that grow so prolifically here are an invasive species from Asia. I know they can be a real nuisance when they grow where they aren't wanted (to non-Norhtwesterners: think of kudzu with thorns,)but they are a tasty, fruitful nuisance. We usually eat all we pick raw, but this year we will have enough for baking even with just the thornless bushes in the backyard. I'll have to try making a cobbler or two myself (this weekend, when we are supposed to have another cool spell.)


oh yum! i cannot wait for berry picking season to arrive Down Under...this looks so delicious!

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