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Wonders Never Cease

It's precious! She'll love it!
And as for what to tuck inside, how about some sewing cards for her to play with?
Candy always works too!


~So adorable! You make the sweetest things!! Glad you're having a FUN summer!!~ Mandy


That's so precious and sweet! Birdie themes are always the best! :)


How about a stuffed little birdie inside or a flower key ring on a ribbon attached inside? Lovely bag.


how very sweet. you could make these for inside...any girl would love them made in a heart shaped muffin tin!


tooooo cute! how 'bout finger puppets of baby birds for your grandaughter to play with.


What a precious bag. I love everything about it!


Very sweet little bag! A crayon roll would probably fit inside just perfectly...or some fancy little accessories, like beaded jewelry or hair barrettes.


does she have a doll? you could make a picnic blanket for a tea party?

niki m

How bout putting some school supplies? Crayons, colored pencils, erasers. They are so cheap right now at the stores. love the bag!


Cute! As for contents, if your granddaughter is anything like my niece, a handful of lip balm would be a treat! Hit the dollar store for a couple of 3-packs. Oh, could my niece go through the lip balm!


I think little stuffies inside - 2D bird, flower, etc.

Great bag.

Bean Paulson

Too cute, she'll adore it!! <3


Oh, what delight! That little bag with the birdie is adorable! She must have loved it and her mom too!

Jean C.

I love everyones suggestions; so cute. What about chalk? For doing outside sidewalk drawing? Our kids used to love that. Or maybe even paint brushes... they you give her a little bucket with water. That way she can "paint" on the sidewalks with no harm! Actually, she could paint almost anything outside and not hurt anything!


Too cute! I started sewing by making similarly-sized bags for all my nieces.


Cute, cute, cute! How bout stitchin up a little crayon or colored pencil holder. A little felt wallet or have you got any blanket left? That would make a darling wallet:-) And a little sketch pad!


How about a dollie with its own layette. My lil niece loves packing her babies along with her.

paula luckhurst

So inspiring, as always.
I may feel a bit down and lost sometimes but I come here and everything falls in its place.
Thank you.


Just in case you didn't see my suggestion for the purse which I put in the berry cobbler area.....How about a little change purse with some embroidery on it and a little velcro closure for her little fingers to open and close. Put in a shiny penny or two! Tina


Have you made a black apple doll yet? I am making one with a matching doll quilt for my daughter's birthday. You can get the pattern and watch a video of her making one on MS show on either website. They are really cute dolls, and we all know you can make an adorable doll quilt!

Cathy Santarsiero

Love the bag! I do love the finger puppet idea since it is just 5" tall. So sweet.
Warmly, Cathy ^..^

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

What a sweet bag! If I get some extra time, I'd love to embroider little shopping bags.


I have been reading your blog and I must say I feel inspired and uplifted.

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