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Elaine/Muddling Through

That is all just too cute to bear! I love it!


Golly gosh, excruciatingly cute goodness!


SO cute! I LOVE all of Grace's sweet things. ~Mandy


So so cute! As always, you've inspired me. I have my daughters' doll house, originally made by my parents. It is dismantled, having been packed flat for moving. I would love to re-assemble it and re-paint it and re-furnish it and re-everything with it, but I don't have any place to put it in my current (tiny) house unless I put it on the dining table. We don't really need a table to eat at do we? ;-) Maybe I can do some rearranging this weekend and make a place for it.


oh, how I ♥ the DollHouse Bakery. Please pass on this message to Grace: You are so talented Grace! I have no idea how you do it but as long as I keep getting to see your marvellous creations, I don't care!

by the way, how old is Grace? I'm 14.

Terri Pollhein

The chair is so great!!!
You know, your little doll house photos made me want to get a doll house even more and finally, I bought a kit and put it (mostly) together. It has been sitting there waiting for me to finish it for nearly 2 months now. I need to finish so I can dress it up with sweet little things like chairs and tiny doughnuts!

Doll Clothes Gal

These look so cute - I especially lov ethe candies.


such cute little finds! we are getting my daughter a doll house for her next birthday (not until march). It is things just like this that get me all excited about getting one!---for her--- getting one for her!


Oh My Goodness! How Cute is that??


you are really something else with that glue gun. Wow!

Rosanne -- Firefly Nights

Your little miniatures look so much like the big ones that people can hardly tell the difference from the photos.


I'm planning a dollhouse cabinet for my grand daughter, who will turn one tomorrow. So far, the plans are all in my head, but I do have the cabinet!

Until she gets old enough to enjoy it, we get out her mommy's old Fisher Price dollhouse and practice with that.

I've been making 'spool people'. I got the inspiration from the latest issue of Artful Blogger. LOVE that magazine.


such amazing talent :)

wanted to also let you know that i am leaving you a little award over at the blog. :)



OMG....!!! I lóve all these tiny things! It's just adorable! From chair to partyhat, everything is perfect!


I love this little scene, and the kitty looking at the birdcage gave me a smile.

Both of your daughters are talented, and very fortunate to have a mom who encourages their creativity.

So glad the "creepy crawlies" are gone!


Your daughter is so creative...as are you. I hope to get to building the kit (yes, the very one that you turned into the bakery...I loved it so much I ordered one) once the girls start school in Sept. I have always loved miniatures & love making them. It's a drag that my fingers don't work as well as when I was younger, nor my eyes, but I still try...I think a big magnifying glass will help. I made a little cake for my MIL's dollhouse for her birthday a few months ago & other things in the past & she always seems to love it. She has a huge victorian dollhouse, electricity, fancy expensive furniture, people, etc. I think I like the more homemade look...if you've ever seen "Friends" on t.v. - I prefer the Phoebe dollhouse to Monica's. lol.

Wonders Never Cease

Oh I wish I were a tiny person! I would just love taking a rest and a bite of doughnut in that beautiful chair!


Grace's creations are so amazing...a talented young lady indeed :)

Cathy Santarsiero

Oh how very cute! I've got a lovely handmade dollhouse waiting in the wings for one of these days when I get around to furnishing it properly. The only two things I've got to furnish it thus far are a little birdcage (similar to your cutie pie one in the first pic) and a piece of cake that I believe your daughter made, which was a gift from Suzanne. When I have a proper kitchen, I will need a supply of dollie sweets from your daughter. Warmly, Cat ^..^


I am a miniaturist of 30 years. I love to see new interest in dollhouses and all that goes with them. Grace's work is getting better and better. I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work!


How darling. Really. It makes me wish I was nine again, playing away with Barbie.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! Your daughter's work is so darling. I just bought myself a calorie free chocolate cake. Can't wait until it gets here!! Oh so cute!!

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