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Very good idea! Thanks for the info. I really like your blog.


What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.


Very good tip, thanks:-) I have mine rolled up in Staples plastic bags!


You are clever. Love your idea. I have that very same book. Love Christina Strutts books and her paterns

paula luckhurst

I can't wait to see the bag - and the book.


I am looking forward to seeing the book, and your bag. You do such lovely work! I have kept my patterns this way for years. You are right, it is sooooo handy!!


Thanks for the tip (I am so unorganized...maybe this will help me in the future).
Looking forward to the book!


Wow, what a teasing email both about the book and the bag. You leave us in anticipated state of excitement. Good thing for a Friday. I love the idea of reusing card envelopes.


Wow good idea, thank you for sharing it. I bet folks would actully use patterns again if they could find them LOL. I know I would, mine are in basket somewhere. And not filed neatly that's for sure :)


You're gonna have a book out? That's great! I was hoping you would have one since your work is so delightful. I just joined the Crafter's book club so I've been getting a nice collection going...so many darling craft/sewing books.


I'm looking forward to seeing Grace's finished bag. I can't wait for your book!!!


Wonderful and creative idea ...you never cease to amaze me. And....I love, love, love the little 'babe in a bag'!

Jean C.

Another way to save your pattern or the pieces is to glue an envelope to the back inside cover of your book and put your pieces inside. This way you don't have to print the instructions, this way your saving paper too!


Oh How I Loooove Romantic Home Sewing! It is probably one of my top three sewing books!


your book! YOUR BOOK?! Where have I been...

sitting on pins and needles here..ouch. tell us quick! :)

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