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Ah there you are
Thanks for posting this recipe.
Love and hugs and blessings
Love Jeanne ^j^


DH made pickles when we were early marrieds. We didn't know you were supposed to wait 8 weeks before eating. They were SO awful! But because he had made so many, some of the jars were stuck way back in the shelf. A year and a half later when we moved, we found them and tried them. Guess what???They were FABULOUS! This brings back wonderful memories. Thank you!


You officially have my mouth watering. :)

lily boot

Oops! At first I thought the title of this post read, Crunchy Garlic Dolls! Goodness, I thought, this will be amazing - must be some kind of edible, savoury doll :-) Dills sound much better! Can't wait to try it :-)


OOOh! Thank you! I just aquired a boatload of cucumbers from a friend. I didn't know the part about soaking them in ice water for crispness! I can't wait to try this. In addition to canning, we will be blueberry picking today too!


yumm, these look delish! Will make these a Sunday afternoon project or back to school project!

Wonders Never Cease

Yummy! And your labels are so cute!
I'm craving pickles and I have no excuse!


Looks delish! Where can i get dill flower heads! I have never seen this around here and could I sub more dill sprigs instead if I can't find it?

Cathy Santarsiero

Thanks for the recipe. Love the pickle jar tops, too! Have a happy weekend. Cat ^..^


Mmmmm, thanks for the recipe - looks delicious. I'm on a bit of a preserving bent of late so hope to give this a try. I love how you've done the jar tops too.

Stitching Spain

Mmmmm, Can't wait to try making these! Thanks for the recipe.


Thank you for the recipe. I tried half sours last year, but they didn't turn out as good as what I buy. Grumble. I'm going to try your dills. They look scrumptious!


Thanks for the recipe! I've been trying to find one with more crunch! Mine taste great, but are kinda soft. I didn't want to add alum, and wondered about lime, so hopefully I can make your recipe and get a crunchy one! Thanks, Karen

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