Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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These photos are very pretty. I love your part of the coast.

I opened up our house this morning too, but there's not a breeze or a bit of cool air to be found. I think this day is going to be a scorcher. I try to think of days like this as adventures in a way. Sort of like snow days. Everyone changes their routine, and things slow down a bit.

Happy weekend to you!


What beautiful pictures! I love your blog it is so instructional and very informative. so I want to pass along the Brilliante Weblog Award to you! Check on my blog for instructions on how to pass it along!


Oh thank you Vicki for helping to spread the word xoxoxox Clarice


You live in a beautiful area!!! Those photos! It is cool here today after 80-90 degree weather lately and it's a welcome change. Rain and not a degree above 52 right now. Ahhhhh..... (so sorry to rub your nose in it!)


What beautiful pictures.


I had a hummingbird fly close by my ear once, under the patio. I think he must have been going 30 miles an hour and scared the bejeebies out of me. There was a big whoosh and a lot of air by my ear...I'm so glad I didn't move, or I think he would have jammed into my head!!!!


I can almost taste the ocean spray! Great summer photos Vicki!


I think a hummingbird flying in sounds like pure magic! Something like being granted your fondest wish - obviously good luck from the visit (even if it did scare you!)

Your Oregon coastline (not to mention The Ocean) are gorgeous! There is really nothing more magnificent than the Pacific Ocean! You are truly blessed!


Oh to picnic by the sea! It is going to be another scorcher, 96 deg, here in S. Central Oregon, I'm sooo tired of it.

I have a hummingbird feeder and they are the most delightful little bird to watch, but I have to agree that they do sound like a B-52 when they get real close.


Gorgeous pictures. Wish I was there. There is just nothing like being by the sea. Total peace and serenity.


Such beautiful photos! I love the sea and miss living near the Atlantic Ocean. I just made 2 jars of pickles 2 days ago and everyone is waiting patiently for the end product!

niki m

Beautiful pics!

The Schumanator

Hi! Long time reader- first time commenter :) I made pickles this weekend!! Thanks for the inspiration! I live in San Francisco and had a hard time finding the Dill flower but I read somewhere that 1/3 tbsp of dill seed would work.
Here's Hoping! Happy Pickling!


I'm so glad we don't have such heat in Vermont. My daughter and I have been feeding baby songbirds at a rescue center this summer. I've had to feed a hummingbird several times. It is an interesting feeling to have it fly close by!


SVP : where is this place on pic 2 ? it looks like heaven on Earth !


Hi Vicki,

Where is this beach? It's beautiful. DH and I will be in Astoria this coming weekend and are looking for a nice beach to visit. It is so different from the beaches in Santa Cruz.


Loved your photos. What a beautiful place. Also, re: Tasha, I just bought the book 'Tasha Tudor's Garden' and I will definitely do a blog post about her birthday. What a wonderful soul. I adore the book, and would love to get lost for a while on the 28th with a cup of tea and the reverie of her life and times.


Your pictures are so lovely!

Jamie in Rose Cottage

Very pretty location -- I'd love to be there right now!

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