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Beautiful bag! You make it sound so easy.Congrats on your upcoming book.


Wow, you are a published author! You go, girl!!! Love the dotty bag :)


Yes, you should make a bag for yourself. I love it and can imagine different fabric combinations. Congratulations on your book!


That is such a cute bag! I love the polka dots, too!

A book? What kind? When? How exciting!


I love the bag with the polka dots! Who wouldn't want one. It looks so practical, and it's pretty too! You do such lovely work. I think you should have one!!! Oh, if you find that pink programable die cutter that is no larger than a toaster oven, and cooks dinner at the same time, please let me know where to find it!


Love the bag!
ditto the cutter thingy!


PS: you need a bag too for all those books...


cute- love the colors!


this sure is a nice bag!

Wonders Never Cease

Such a cute bag. I'd love to live in a polka dot world. It's so happy!

Jean C.

Cute bag! Bet she can stuff that full of all sorts of things!
Here is a site for a die cut... if you haven't seen this one yet!
take care.


Cute cute cute!!! Love those polks dots!


What a great bag to hold all the things she needs. I appreciate items that are both pretty and functional; your project came out just perfect.

bs honey

Love the bag, and your blog. I've ordered the book from B & N. Thank you.


This is really cute! And it is the perfect size!


I haven't seen the book but I'm definitely going to have to check our local bookstore. The bag is uber cute.


That is beyond cute! I bet she takes it everywhere! You can't go wrong with polka dots. If you make one for yourself, will you also do a flap and will you make it the same size or bigger? I always love big, more room for 'stuff'!


Thank bag looks fantastic and what a nice "thank you".

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