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two crazy crafters

What an absolutely adorable baby in a bag. I know she'll love it. Sorry I can't help you with your question. Have a great week! Twyla


Ok that Doll and bag is sooo darn cute. What lovely colors and softness. I want one myself! When my oldest was little she loved little dolls inside purses. She loved purses first of all and would put her dollies in different ones. Lovely.

Joyful Abode

So cute!
I just bought a Pazzles Inspiration machine... it's not a die cutter because there are no dies... you design your cuts on your computer (so they can be anything, any size, up to 12x24").
I did a lot of research and decided that one would be "the best" for me... unlimited design flexibility, and it can cut fabric, magnet, cork, and tons of other stuff.

It does, however, carry a hefty price tag. So something else might fit your needs better.


Supercute! My four-year-old would love it!


The doll is darling! Super choice. When my daughter was that age she took a doll, a purse and a hat EVERYWHERE. I'm sure she will adore it.

That thunderstorm was really something. The kids slept through it, but I had to get up with the dogs.

(Michael's and Joanne's both carry the die cut systems.)

Lovely Living

She is so lovely.

Dana Summers

This is such the perfect gift for a brand new big sister. You did a great job. It is just lovely.


Our school district lets residents (taxpayers) use the die cut machine for free. Hundreds and hundreds of awesome die cuts! Maybe check that out before you invest?


Too, too cute. A perfect embroidered face!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Vicki that is an adorable gift! I love the little baby and the bag!
Speaking of adorable...my little cake arrived today. So sweet!
I have a Sissix but the designs for it seem to be limited. I know a lot of people are raving about the Cruttlebug.


That is a perfect gift for a little girl who is definitly going to want to play 'mommy' now that there is a new baby around! My scrapbook store has a die cutting setup that anyone can use for a very nominal fee, but maybe that is not common.


My daughter, Marran (11) has a cuttlebug and we have had lots of fun with it. It doesn't take up heaps of room, was relatively cheap, will take other machines dies and is easy and fun to use. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Jean C.

Your little "grand" will be tickled with the doll... especially since there is a new little "doll" there already!
Can't tell you anything about which brand to use. But, you can check out www.JoAnn.com they have had some good prices on some of the die cuts systems. I know my daughter was looking at one there.


My MIL bought me a quick kutz silhouette. It works great for an adult and you don't have to buy any cartridges! It will cut any true type font. For kids I think that the cuttlebug is super cute.


I love the doll you made!!!
I have a Cricut machine and just love mine. Its affordable and is easy to bring around the house or even out somewhere. good luck on deciding


What an adorable project! Everything you make always looks so sweet and certainly well-made. The way you think about your projects encourages me to put as much thought into mine.


Totally DARLING!!! I love it! As we say in our family~ so sweet, so cute :)


Beautiful doll. I've been a waldorf mama for nearly 7 years now and I still can't get the head to turn out right. Yours turned out perfect. Her body is beautiful too. I used the creative memory system. I like that the blades stay in the tracks. With my nimble fingers I could lose an arm using those. A bit pricey though but the quality is good.

Wonders Never Cease

So so sweet. It's just adorable!

Cathy Santarsiero

Oh how simply adorable that baby is! CS ^..^


That baby is so cute! wow. I have a Cuttlebug and love it and you are supposed to beable to use all die cuts with it. I really want a Cricut though because you can do so much more with it when it comes to creating all sorts of diecuts. I would look into that one if you dont mind spending a little more.


What a lovely present! Your grand-daughter will be thrilled.

Once you decide which system of die cuts might suit you best - don't forget to look on Ebay - they often have lots of these die cut machines at greatly reduced prices.

miss paula

This would be so cute if my First Grandbaby is a girl!!! Six months to go!! It's the size of a plum!!


ohmygoodness- that is cuteness overload! I'm sure she will LOVE that!
I remember my days of totting along my dollies in my mom's hand me down purses. Loved those moments!
Happy Crafting!

Shelly G.

That is the sweetest little baby in a bag... Every little girl would just love having one of their own... How wonderful:)


T.D.C. = too darn cute! Your granddaughter is going to cherish this baby doll set forever.


oh my - this little sweetie just about took my breath away! :)

paula luckhurst

I just came back from my summer holidays and I was missing your blog. So, I spent a good time looking at your lovely posts and pictures and geting inspired by your delightfull blog.


Ohhh, I love this sweet dollie so much.
With the little bag, I am sure your granddaughter adore it for ever!



What an absolutely adorable little doll. Very Cute!!!


I love the bag and little doll you made for your grandchild! I'm sure she'll like it!


Every babydoll needs its own blanket, and this combination is charming, Vicki.

I've recently read some good reviews of the Cuttlebug too, but have to admit that the comments about the computer generated dies have piqued my interest.

It has been cool and rainy here for the last couple of days. Thank goodness! I was melting too!


That's. So. Cute. I love it. :)

Mary Smith

That doll is just the perfection of cuteness. My daughters would play all day with that!


What an adorable little baby and her bunting bag, too!
Happy Birthday to your dear little grandgirl, Vicki - I think she's going to like that present a LOT!


I was reading your blog with my 22-month old grandaughter on my lap and when she saw the photos she squealed out loud "Babeeee!"

What pattern did you use for the dolly? I love this and would so enjoy making one for her!


I simply adore this!!! I just realized that I didn't have you on my blogroll (*shudders with horror*) and I added you! I hope you don't mind. Your blog is one that I delight in reading and it was a big surprise to me that I hadn't added you to my list yet!

Happy weekend!
~Emily in Norway


How precious!!! It's perfect.

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